Best IVF Center in Gurgaon, Like all professions and practices, there are various myths which are prevalent about the IVF too. one among the foremost rampant myths is that the IVF is merely for older women and young women must refrain from it. As a result, tons of girls wait till get old in avail IVF. But this results in tons of complications which ends up in utter confusion, and sometimes extreme frustration.

Best IVF Center In Gurgaon

Most of the young women first choose IUI treatment which is comparatively cheaper than IVF treatment. But the matter arises once they keep it up continuing with the IUI even after it fails to deliver the fruitful result. it’s a longtime norm in fertility domain that if an individual fails IUI 3 times, it’s time to maneuver on to Best IVF Center in Gurgaon and seek other methods or measures. But most of the patients stick with IUI even after failing 3 cycles thanks to lack of proper guidance.

Successful IVF cycles depends on several factors:

1. Age: The foremost important factor and it’s non-modifiable. Because the female age increases, the oocyte quality and quantity changes , indirectly affecting the embryo quality.

2. Explanation for infertility:

  • Tubal factor (Bilateral tubal Blockage, hydrosalphinx): good results
  • PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease) : It’s a hormonal disorder and counting on the severity varied results are seen. Just in case of mild to moderate PCOS with none other factor good results are often expected.
  • Endometrial causes( Thin endometrium, infection):- guarded results if endometrium is unresponsive
  • Uterine factor: counting on the condition (polyp, fibroid, anatomical factors ) varied results are seen,
  • Oocyte quality- In women above 35 years aged, oocyte quality decreses thus affecting the results. Donor egg program have increased success rates
  • Male factor- mild to moderate abnormalities have good results whereas severe abnormalities require use advanced techniques like ICSI(Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection), IMSI(intracytoplasmic morphogically selected sperm injection) permanently embryos to be formed.

3. Advanced IVF center with fully equipped Lab: Best results always requires competent doctors, embryologists and a complicated lab permanently embryos to be formed.

4. Medical illness: Presence of morbid obesity, diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, addictions like smoking and alcohol, can affect the results if not in check.

Best IVF Center in Gurgaon, Amongst the above, the miracle factor is AGE. The younger the feminine, the higher is that the prognosis within the first attempt. Females with age but 35 years have higher success rate as compared to women with higher age bracket. But in such advanced age bracket, donor egg IVF have far better prognosis and better success rates.

Successful IVF cycles altogether age groups during this era is attributed to the utilization of several new technologies available, such as:

1. Blastocyst or day 5 embryo transfer: Compared to day 2 or 3 embryo transfer where success rates are around 30 to 35 % , day 5 embryo transfer results are quite double thanks to better selection of the embryos.

2. Assisted hatching techniques: It helps in making the embryo shell thin leading to higher implantation rates.

3. ICSI: In severe male factor abnormalities ICSI helps in better selection of sperms and fertilization.

4. Immunotherapy: Highly beneficial for females with immunological abnormality

5. PGT: Genetic testing of embryos particularly in elderly females can help selecting euploid embryos.

Thus, accurate diagnosis of the explanation for infertility and proper guidance by the clinicianas to the simplest possible treatment can reduce the treatment to pregnancy time. The couple should be counselled properly regarding the infertility problems, with a radical understanding of the success involved and therefore the various treatment options available.

Best IVF Center in Gurgaon, Indian data regarding average number of cycles needed during a particular age bracket is lacking whereas western countries have reported a mean of two to three cycles in any age bracket. because the demographic conditions vary between continents such results can’t be extrapolated to the whole world.

Thus, the sole thanks to achieve success is targeting the proper time and age to return forward and make use of the advanced treatment facilities. The commoner should be made conscious of the varied treatment options available. Also to scale back the chances to success , one should lookout of general health, have an entire control of medical problems, have a radical knowledge of all the possible causes of ones problems and therefore the availability of targeted treatment facilities. Best IVF Center in Gurgaon