Neurological disorders affect humans at an alarming rate every year. Any kind of aberration, occurring in the nervous system of the human body, thereby affecting visible as well as internal anomaly in the functioning of the body, needs umpteenth attention. In case the disorder goes unnoticed or untreated or detected in the later stages, the chances of it getting cured decreases drastically. Every year, more than 9 million deaths occur due to neurological disorders, which is why, one has to particularly pay attention towards any kind of noticeable changes.  There are several kinds of problems which are treated by the neurologists scattered all across the world. Among them, neurologists in India, the United States of America, Singapore, Turkey, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates have successfully made a mark on a global scale.

  • What does a neurologist do? 

Neurologists are experienced physicians who are able to detect and treat problems of the nervous system. The nervous system in humans can be broadly categorized into central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The problems in the nervous system may arise due to certain hereditary or acquired condition, disorder, illness, or deep-seated injury. Noticeable symptoms may be improper movements of the limbs, eyes,  confusion in mind, weak muscles, contraction, cramps, changes in the sensory organs, mismanaged coordination, and many more. These problems may cause partial to complete paralysis in the advanced stages which is why the need for neurologists is imperative. Any kind of anomaly in the nervous system leading to disorders, may either be detected in the early stages of life, after birth or may even surface in the later stages of life. However, the treatments and the measures taken by the neurologists to diagnose and cure the symptoms is what matters the most.

  • Country-wise Breakdown of top neurologist around the world

The need for a neurologist is extremely important, especially because of the seriousness of disorders which can be fatal in the long run, if not treated appropriately. Proficient neurologists and neurosurgeons strive towards detecting the primary cause of the symptoms and suggest various medications as well as surgeries (if needed) to make the every day lives of people better. Neurologists diagnose the root cause of the problem and refer the candidates to neurosurgeons if the candidate needs surgical procedures. Abnormal functioning of the nervous system often have long term effects and pose threat in the performance of the candidates, if the condition deteriorates. To consult experienced doctors, candidates are seen to travel to different countries to avail their benefits and expertise. Among the major countries, neurologists in India, the UAE, Turkey, Singapore, etc., have earned themselves global recognition. Hence, here is a list of some of the topmost neurologists separated countrywise for the easy and benefits of the candidates. 


  • Dr. Dibyendu Kumar Ray
  • Dr. Samar Chowdhury
  • Dr. B.P. Mruthyunjayanna
  • Dr. Mohit Bhatt
  • Dr. P N Renjen
  • Dr. Neeta Shah
  • Dr. Mohinish G Bhatjiwale
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhattacharya 
  • Dr. Rupant K Das
  • Dr. Jakir Hussain Laskar


  • Dr. Roy Koh Kiok Miang 
  • Dr. G Devathasan
  • Dr. Chong Piang Ngok
  • Dr. Andrew Pan
  • Dr. Yeo Poh Teck
  • Dr. Lim Li Ling
  • Dr. Ho King Hee
  • Dr. Lee Kim En
  • Dr. Phuah Huan Kee
  • Dr. Adrian Tan Keng Yew


  • Dr. Sultan Tarlacı
  • Dr. Aylin Özturk
  • Dr. Sarper Karaküçük
  • Dr. Erdal Karaöz
  • Dr. Ali Zirh
  • Dr. Serdar Baki Albayrak

United Arab Emirates

  • Dr. Parviz Dolati
  • Dr. Syed Hasnain Haider-Shah
  • Dr. Hartmut Kollikowski
  • Dr. med J. Marquardt
  • Dr. med. M. Ritter von Maravic
  • Dr. Olusegun John Oluwole
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. med E. B. Ringelstein
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Rieckmann
  • Dr. Amr Mohamed Sarwat
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Rieckmann