Proteins are very essential macronutrients in the human body that are made up of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon. Proteins are basically used for the better growth of muscles and the body. Many foods, vegetables, and especially meat contain a lot of protein. Beans and seeds also contain protein.

Types Of Proteins:

There are three types of proteins.
  • Fibrous Protein:
Fibrous protein is the first type of protein. It includes polypeptide chains that are lengthened and fibrous in nature and have a sheet-like structure. This type of protein is mainly strong, that’s why it does not dissolve in water. These types of proteins are used to provide hardiness, strength, and immunity power to the muscles. It is found in bones, cartilage, and tendons of many vertebrate animals.
  • Globular Protein:
Globular protein is the second type of protein. It is spherical in structure and also soluble in water. The illustration of the globular protein includes many enzymes in our body.
  • Membrane Protein:
The third type of protein is a membrane protein. There are also some types of membrane protein depending on their locations in the human body. They make contact between the environment of inner and outer cells of the body. With the help of this protein, cell adhesion molecules interact with each other. There are also three types of membrane protein; integral membrane protein, peripheral membrane protein and the last one is lipid anchored protein. The main functions of membrane protein are the transportation of messages, cell-cell recognition, maintaining cells shape, and sustain cytoskeleton.

The function of proteins in our body:

Proteins are very essential components and perform many functions. In our body, many hormones are proteins in nature. Hormones manage metabolic activities and growth rates in our bodies. Enzymes present in our body are basically globular proteins and help us in digestion and boost up the performing biochemical processes. Our nails, hairs, and muscles are also made up of proteins. Some proteins manage the reliability and movement of muscles. Glycoprotein in our body helps to heal wounds quickly. It makes blood clot on wounds and prevents blood loss. Immunizer is proteins that tie pathogens and slow down their activities. A protein in the human body called hemoglobin has iron atoms and provisionally knots with oxygen and releases it all around the body. Bodybuilders, athletes, and sportsmen use proteins before and after a workout. During workout due to heavy weight and tough exercises, the muscles are broken down into small pieces. When they take protein supplement after a workout, protein is directly attached with broken muscles and combines all the small pieces of muscle to make a large one.

Good Protein containing meals:

In daily life, we can eat many foods, vegetables, and many types of meat that contain a lot of protein. Some have low while the others have high quantities of protein. Some of them are listed below.
  • In lean meats; beef, veal, kangaroo, and veal contain protein.
  • In poultry, skinless wight boiled or low fried chicken contains a high amount of protein.
  • Tinu fish, bush birds, prawns, mussels, have high quantities of protein.
  • ┬áThe weight of eggs is made up of proteins.
  • Milk, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese, beans, peas, and lentils.
  • There are also protein powdered supplements available in markets. One or two scoops of these supplements are enough to fulfill our bodies’ requirements.

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