The future of getting the most out of your vape sessions is here with portable electric rigs. Gone are the days when wielding a torch under the influence of concentrated THC, as now devices are handy on the go vaping. Vaping is increasingly becoming popular since it’s considered the most fashionable and the healthiest way to consume cannabis.

Everyone out there who fancies the flavor and the feeling that cannabis offers, celebrates. Thanks to the marijuana legalization, and the innovation of first vape devices. There are now more ways to vape cannabis concentrates and dry herbs than ever before. However, it may be overwhelming to select the best portable electric rig.

What is a portable electric rig?

Portable electric rigs, also known as e-nails, are increasingly becoming popular, and the most preferred method of dabbing THC and CBD concentrate.

As mentioned earlier, typical dab rigs require a torch to heat the nail before it makes contact with concentrates. Other than the safety precautions, traditional dab rigs need a certain level of expertise to achieve a perfect dab. While excess heat will burn up your dab, insufficient heat won’t vaporize. Thanks to e-rigs that have provided relief from scorching hits linked to butane torches.

Portable electric rigs are powered by batteries, which offers freedom from the heat and stigma associated with torches. Not to mention the temperature control that brings smoother and flavorsome dabs rich in terpenes and incredible euphoric effects – that even a newbie can achieve.

Besides, portable electric rigs are small, simple devices, unlike the bigger desktop units, although they still use the same glass mouthpiece, heating element, and power source.

How to use an electric rig

Using a portable electric rig is pretty simple to use.  Power your rig on, and choose your ideal temperature. Place your dab on the nail while drawing in simultaneously from the pipe. If you’re using a carb cap, place it on top of the nail while taking hits.

What makes the best portable electric rig

  • High-quality vapor. The best electric rig offers the highest quality of vape and enhances the flavor of the concentrate you’re using. With an e-rig, your whole dabbing experience will be on another level.
  • Long-lasting battery life. Like any other vaporizer unit, electric rigs need a rechargeable battery or a replaceable one depending on the model. The best portable electric rig has a quality, long-lasting battery life that will satisfy your needs as a user.
  • A portable rig is perfect, especially if you’re an outdoor lover. Portable units not only have the right size to fit in a purse or backpack but also high-quality, sturdy materials that will withstand the constant use.
  • Ease of use. For seasoned vapers, low-maintenance devices are a plus. The best electric rig should be easy to use without complicated maintenance. While most units need a little tune-up and cleaning, apart from that, a high-quality unit should be easy to use and enjoy your vape sessions.
  • When it comes to finding the best portable electric rig, pricing matters. Of course, quality is something that doesn’t come with a low price; however, it’s worth it. All portable electric rigs have a set price, taking into consideration their performance and satisfaction it offers.

Portable electric rig materials

There are three different coil types available for e-nails; they include titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Depending on the brand, some types of electric rigs may have the three, while some have one or two.

  • Coils made of ceramic gradually heat up. It produces a fantastic flavor because ceramic is a neutral material that maintains flavor. While it offers a sweet taste, it may be difficult to restore to a clean condition.
  • It’s an inert material and is becoming the most fancied method for dabbers after a natural flavor. While it heats up faster, it also loses heat more quickly than other materials.
  • Coils made from titanium heats up way faster and have high-temperature retention. It’s safe to inhale, with a lower cost and long-lasting.  However, the vapor quality is lacking, unlike other nails. This is the reason why titanium leaves metallic aftertaste to the vapor.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best portable va the market, there are several factors to consider. These include size, nail type, and pricing. Depending on your goal, there’s almost every tool for a portable vaporizer to get the most out of their vape sessions. Go for a device that suits your needs and preferences.