Having a business online, you must invest on a good website. It is your chance to make a good impression on your target audience by creating a landing page that is transparent and clear. When your audience sees that you have the right content and a clear goal for your business, they will start trusting your brand, by this, they will not hesitate to try your brand and buy what you sell as they know that you put your passion and dedication to creating a trustworthy business.

Because of a good landing page, you will start building loyalty from your customers. Loyalty is not easy to get; however, a good landing page will be the start of a long term relationship with all of your customers.

Around 65% of businesses’ revenue comes from existing customers. Existing customers make the business afloat even if you have no new customers buying your products. Building a relationship with your customers from the day they visit your website to attending their orders and requests is the key to remain competitive in your industry.

There are many factors of why you gain your loyalty to your customers, and we will tackle all of them again on how you build your brand loyalty to your new customers.

Consider Visual Aesthetics

Your website’s overall design is what makes the customer enjoy browsing and be curious about what you have for them. By just clicking your website, they will know if your brand can be trusted or not. Building your brand loyalty is difficult when your customers could not stand going into your website because of its design.

Having a pleasing design that draws visitors’ attention will help them identify that you presented an excellent website design in your brand.

Place Contact Info Front and Center

It is essential to put your contact information in front or on the land page of your website. If your customers have any questions or feedback on your product, they can easily contact you. In addition, you can add some live free chat on your page.

Personalize Results

Make personalized or different landing pages for different locations. For example, you have two target cities, one landing page is created just for this location, and the second landing page is also for the second location.

When you have customized content for each place, you will have specific content to convey. They will likely love that you put effort into each of your customers.

Create a Streamlined Experience

Customers looked for a website that works seamlessly. When they visit a website and its features are not working or are loading slowly, they will likely get frustrated by it. The result is, they will stop visiting your website because of the inconvenience.

Ensure that every feature of your website functions well. Before launching your websites, test all buttons, and see if they work well. You do not want to lose potential and loyal customers because of your website.

Offer a Loyalty Reward

One thing you can add on your land page is a loyalty reward. You can put this loyalty program in front or center of your page. If the customers feel rewarded from the products they purchase, they will likely go back to buy and get their reward.

Discounts drive the customers to do business more in your brand. So put a discount or loyalty program on your landing page to encourage brand loyalty.

Make an Emotional Connection

Nowadays, advertising makes a difference in your brand. When you have an emotional connection with your customers, they will likely enjoy branding and share your business with other people. Putting emotional content on your landing page creates a connection to your customers.

Tapping their emotions captures the heart of the audience. This is where brand loyalty comes in; they will keep coming back to purchase your products because you understand their needs.

Remain Consistent

Your landing page must be consistent with the overall look and content of your website. Also, if you have other social media account aside from your page, it must look similar to be recognizable to your audience.

Keen in mind that being consistent creates brand loyalty as your customers will see how you put much effort into your brand.


Paying attention to the little details of your landing page makes a difference to your business. It is important to give what your customers want to see, and you will surely enjoy the increase in sales you will have for your business, for you have loyal customers who will keep on coming back.

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