Can concrete floors be polished?

Yes, almost every sound structural floor can be carried out by polished concrete floors Melbourne, irrespective of whether they are old or new. However, you need to watch the surface for flaws like waviness, extensive patching, or porous.

Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne.

  • Polished concrete floors are hardwearing, so do not generally chip or dent. Most often, given no major accidents and correct care and maintenance they last a minimum of 20 years. Although they give you a glass finish, they are not slippery when wet. However, it is not advisable to retain water on the surface for long periods of time.
  • Polished concrete has a stark look which make small areas look large. There are no distinguishing lines between the tiles or floorboards. The polished concrete becomes a single unbroken sheet of material.
  • In spaces that catch the sunlight, the concrete helps lighten the space.
  • The medium is easier to clean as it does not permit cracks or crevices where dirt can be concealed. Hence it is a great choice for those with little time on their hands since not much cleaning is demanded.
  • Polished concrete floors Melbourne make it difficult for dust, pollen or any dirt particle to stick to, thus preventing allergies and other such ailments.
  • It is possible to get patterns stamped into your concrete to give it a look like brick, stone, or wood.

Tips On How To Get Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne.

polished Concrete Floors

It is important to determine the type of floor hardness and the kind of polished flooring required. One should look for the features as below: –

  • Examine Surface Hardness:

You will need to determine the hardness of the concrete with a hardness tester. In order to get the right metal bond abrasive, you begin with the highest number tip and continue to scratch the floor in various spots. You gradually lower the number tip till the floor does not respond or does not scratch. Remember to test different areas or spots of the floor.

  • Remove Floor Coating:

If the floor is coated, check the type of coating and remove it. Grind the floor to achieve an even surface and floor flatness.

  • Remove metal tool marks:

Since the surface should be smooth and even for polishing remove all metal tool marks or any other dents or scratches.

  • Harden and densify the concrete surface:

Ensure your floor is clean and vacuumed with all tool marks eliminated. Use a crack filler/densifier to solidify and densify the surface so that it provides extra protection from penetration of water and staining.  Take caution that the densifier do not pool or puddle the floor as this will create staining which will be difficult to remove at the polishing stage.

Polished Concrete
  • Polish the Concrete Surface:

Begin polishing the floor the appropriate resin bond. At regular intervals ensure that all dust particles are removed by vacuuming. Polish the floor till you achieve your desired results.

  • Seal and protect the polished concrete:

Now that you have taken the pains of polishing the floor and have obtained the desired look, you need to protect the surface. This can be done by applying any appropriate commercial stain guard. Ensure that the coats are given enough time to dry. The process will now give you an extra layer or coating that protects your polished concrete floors Melbourne.

There are many service providers of polished concrete floors Melbourne. Most of them are available online. Ideally you should check for references with your friends and colleagues. Also checking out some of their past work will help. Many of them provide entire floor solutions. It is best that you call for competitive quotes before finalizing on any of them.