In the current day and age, no matter where you go, you will see Cardboard Boxes around you. The reason is that they have a number of benefits due to which they are highly popular and in very high demand. No matter what product you manufacture or produce, it will be packaged in a box made out of cardboard. Not only that, there are also a number of other materials used, that also fall under the cardboard category, only because of its high popularity. Here we are going to discuss why this type of carton is so popular and the preferred choice for various manufacturer’s and businesses. But first let’s look at some famous types of packaging materials that fall under the cardboard category.

The brown boxes

Whenever the term cardboard carton is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the brown box. The reason is that a box made out of cardboard is used for all types of products. Whether you are talking about electronic items, household appliances, cereal and pizza carrier or even cosmetic boxes, cardboard is the most preferred option for a number of manufacturers and businesses.


Corrugated sturdy boxes

In case you are looking for a more rigid and durable option, that can endure high weights and absorb shocks while shipping, then another type is a corrugated. Not only is this a very cheap option, but it also provides extra protection to the contents inside the box. Therefore, it is very suitable for shipping products over long distances or stacking them in warehouses etc.

Various advantages

There are a number of advantages of using such types of packaging solutions for your products. Some of those advantages are as mentioned below.


One of the greatest advantage of using cartons made out of cardboard is that the material is highly flexible. Therefore, it can be molded in a number of shapes and sizes according to the dimensions of the product. It can also be glued or taped together if you want to provide some extra protection. If you are using it for the shipping of fragile material, you can also put different types of packing material like bubble wrap or thermophore sheets inside the carton to provide extra protection.


The cardboard material is very light in weight. This is a very beneficial property for shipping of various products. The reason for that is that all the cargo companies charge you according to the weight of the object that you are shipping. This property is especially suitable if you are shipping products over large distances. Not only have you provided additional protection to your products, you have also saved up a lot due to the less weight of the product.


As mentioned earlier, this type of packaging is especially suitable for shipping products over large distances. Not only would the box provide additional protection against any external weight or sudden impact, but it will also prevent the objects inside the carton from banging around. In order to prevent that, you can put bubble wrap or thermophore inside the package, which will provide additional protection.

Cost effective

One of the biggest advantages of using cardboard material for cartons is that this material is very cheap. In every industry, there is cut throat competition. Therefore, every company needs to make sensible and suitable decisions regarding their spending and expenditures. The focus needs to be mainly on the quality of the product as well as on time delivery. The packaging, as a matter of fact is a secondary consideration. Apart from that, there are a large number of companies that have just entered the market. If they spend too much in the beginning, there is a huge chance that they might have to go out of business. That is why, using cardboard material for packaging is a very suitable option for large as well as small business because it is quite cheap yet durable.


In order to show that your organization is responsible, and to fulfill your corporate responsibility, you need to protect the environment as well as those around you. The cardboard material, corrugated sheets and all such type of boxes material is easily recyclable. So using such type of material is not only the responsible way, but also shows that you care. Not only are your products getting additional protection due to such materials, but they are also helping you to protect the environment as well.


Due to their Eco-friendly as well as cost effective properties, the box made out of cardboard is highly sustainable for new as well as established businesses.

cartridge packaging

Customization options

As explained above, the material is highly flexible. Due to this property, it offers a large number of customization options as well. There is a large number of purposes for which you can use such type of packaging. Some of those purposes are as archive box, packing carton and Cartridge Packaging. Not only does it serve all of the above mentioned purposes, but due to the availability of new technology, you can also use impressive printing as well as textures so that your containers give a premium look to your product. So apart of providing the contents additional protection, they will also be running your marketing campaign for you.