CBAP is the abbreviation for Certified Business Analysis Professional. The CBAP certification is a professional designation that validates the extensive experience of the candidates interested in business analysis. It not only focuses on the experience but also the necessary skill set and knowledge required for the field of business analysis. The CBAP certificate recipients work as the leading managers or in senior positions in the organizations. There are multiple domains under business analysis. The candidates can always learn more and more about this field and work efficiently. The certification leads the individuals on the path of success and gets great knowledge about leadership and accountability. The candidates who want to grow up the career ladder have to demonstrate knowledge at senior levels and carry a great deal of professional working experience.

The individuals who earn CBAP certification know how to give effective and efficient solutions to complex problems in their work in the organization. They also have the skills to work with the stakeholders of the organization and take care of the business needs productively. The efforts that they put into the business analysis is commendable and drive various business processes with integrity.

Eligibility criteria for CBAP 

There are certain eligibility criteria set for the candidates who are aspiring for the CBAP certification. The candidates have to gain at least 7500 hours of work experience in business analysis. These hours of experience should be between the last ten years before taking up the examination. There are six knowledge areas under the BABOK guide, out of which the candidates have to earn four in number. These four knowledge areas should be gained in at least 900 hours. The candidates also have to garner 35 hours of the PDAs in the recent four years before the examination.

The certification credential calls for two references that the candidates have to gather. The individuals interested in taking up the certification have to agree to the codes of conduct and terms and conditions set by IIBA. After taking care of all these eligibility criteria, the individuals need to pass the examination, and then only they can earn the certification credential.

Who can take this certification? 

This certification is right for those candidates who have significant experience in the field of business analysis. The candidates who have already bagged the CCBA designation can also get this certification. For the people who are interested in becoming product managers, trainers, and non-business analysis consultants, this certification is a great medium to fulfill the goal. Certain other job positions, like project managers, designers, and testers, etc., can use this certification as well.

Exam details 

The certification examination is bound by a time frame of three and a half hours. In this limited time, the candidates have to answer 120 questions presented as multiple choices. The certification exam consists of both scenario-based questions as well as case study kind of questions. The exam is computer-based and can be taken in both online and offline mediums.

Cost of the CBAP certification 

The cost of the certification for the members and non-members is different. The members have to pay around $400, and the non-members have to pay a bit more than that. But the cost is not much as compared to the benefit that the certification provides. The certification continues to provide numerous benefits and opportunities to individuals after they acquire it. It is a great investment and provides an amazing return. The certification can never go wrong and will continue to help the candidates enhance their career more and more. The certification gives the individuals a chance to earn a salary, which almost 13% more than the non-certified candidates on average. The various incentives that this credential offers cannot be denied, and the cost becomes negligible when the benefits come into view.


The benefits of the certification are immense. Of course, budget is a matter to focus on. People normally make their decisions in life by maintaining and looking at their budget. It is true that for some people, this certification can be costly, but it is worth every penny spent on it. It is a one-time investment that opens many opportunities and benefits.

It is never a loss to learn new things and get more information. The CBAP certification teaches numerous skills and is a great way to grab superior knowledge. Any individual looking forward to getting better job positions in the business analysis should surely go for the CBAP certification.