We just cannot imagine our life without gadgets like television, telephone or computer. These equipment have become so much integral part of our life that most of our daily life activities are related to them. However, it is quite interesting to see that all of these gadgets are supported by various cables. From the cable network of the telephone connection, to establish any connection, you need cable

Not every cable is the same. That wire you need for your television is not like the one that you use for the computer. Generally, the Ethernet Lan Cable is used for the computer connection where the network cable is for television only.

While buying the cable most people get confused to select the right kind of cable. To clear this confusion, here we will discuss the more about it.
While network cable has much other functionality, the Ethernet cable is generally used for creating a local area network for the computer.
We can say in a way that Ethernet cable is also a kind of network cable. The only way to get over the confusion is by understanding the Ethernet technology and LAN network.

Ethernet Technology:

Whether at the workplace or home, you need Ethernet for any type of wired device. By the word Ethernet connection, you may understand a system that is connected by the network cable. However, the wireless network does not fall into this category. The hdmi cable was created by Xerox in the 1970s but later in 1983, they have handed over the responsibility to IEEE.

Since then, it has become the open standard and easily accessible to all. It simplified the ways to configure the device to make a connection.

Ethernet Cable:

The most common category of Ethernet network cable is the Unshielded Twisted Pair. There are so many varieties of this cable that are available in the market and Cat5 is the most popular. Apart from the UTP cable there is Shielded Twisted Pair (STP).
Since its inception, the Ethernet has come from 10 to 100 megabyte and then it goes up to 10 gigabytes. However, there are some data centers where the limit has reached 40 gigabytes.

LAN Cable:

To transfer any kind of data through the local network we use the LAN cable. It is used to cover a small distance only. Through this wired connection, the data can be transferred securely.

Depending on the two following characteristics, the Lens can be categorized.

  • Network Topology: The geographical placement of the machines and how the local area network set up the connection.
  • Media Characteristics: The physical connection of the device is referred to by it.
    Apart from that, there are also two more types of Lan cables are available; depending on the protocol.
  • Client to Server Lans: This is the two-tier Lans that connect the computer with the printers, magnetic disk drives, and network traffic.
  • Peer to peer Lans: It is meant for transferring data to a limited number of computers and distance.