Need of Child Psychologist

  • Understanding a child’s mind is not a rocket science. It takes a lot of patience and compassion to deal with these gentle minds.
  • Child psychology is a branch that belongs to clinical psychology. It focuses on children through the process of evaluating and observing their behavior, as well as their general development.
  • It is an influential period and each stage of a child’s development counts, as through this journey an individual is formed and transformed into what they really are today. Accepting that your child has his or her own unique and distinctive personality will help make it easier for you to deal with your children.
  • It is a crucial period in which parents can gain information about their child and gradually understand their likes and dislikes. Giving children time and developing a relationship with them can help build a healthy relationship between the parents and the child, making it easier to correlate with them and their feelings and thought processes.
  • Even minor changes and events in one’s life have a great impact on nurturing your child’s mind and shaping her future personality.
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Role of Child Psychologist

  • If we observe the current scenario in many cases both parents are working so they do not have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children who crave their attention.
  • Without developing a strong bond between them, the children perceive themselves in a negative way, they feel that they are not worthy of living in this competitive world and are left behind.
  • They either become introverts: they repress their feelings within themselves and do not have the opportunity to say what one feels or perceives or they become extroverted: which also makes the child arrogant, aggressive, selfish and bitter.
  • The variety of disorders can be due to a number of factors, such as inconsistent parenting or issues related to family problems and neglect.
  • This causes the child to withdraw from her parents and form certain misconceptions as if they do not want her.
  • Impulsive behavior, aggression, tantrums, hostility, and frequent outbursts can be classified as some of the difficulties that parents have to deal with as their child grows up.
  • In stressful situations, children may face relationship problems with family and friends, as well as poor school performance.

Child Disorder

  • A surprising disorder that is relatively seen in children is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • This can be characterized by difficulty concentrating, not completing tasks on time, and excessive motor activity such as restlessness, difficulty sitting in one place for a while, a frequent tendency to make mistakes, and avoiding taking an initiative or effort to complete any task.
  • This behavior can be traced both at home and at school and ultimately hampers the overall healthy functioning of the child.
  • The journey from infancy to adolescence and then finally to adulthood covers drastic biological and environmental changes that play an equally important role.
  • The general physical, cognitive, social and emotional development tries to justify how the child behaves, thinks, responds, interacts with the outside world and, ultimately, forms one’s own perspective and an overview of life and its challenges. 

Child Psychologist Procedure

  • Child psychologists specialize in helping children who face problems during their early developmental years.
  • Problems can be emotional, social, mental and even cases of child abuse and learning disabilities can be addressed by seeking the help of these professionals who are always ready to deal with such cases due to their intensive educational training as well as their attitude.
  • Hence the word impossible does not exist in your dictionary!
  • Although we are adults we also need help and support from family and friends, we acquire it to maintain balance and tranquillity.
  • It is true that the problems faced by an adult cannot be compared to the problems faced by children, but since we need assistance from time to time, so do they.

Difficulty Faced by Child Psychologist

  • Today, we have endless career opportunities to choose from, but working as a child psychologist is not easy.
  • Therapies that can be implemented in adults and help them develop problem-solving skills cannot be used while dealing with children.
  • The impact of a major life event, for example the death of a loved one, anxiety when dealing with peers, etc., will have a very different effect on a child.
  • Facing difficulties at such a tender age is too much of a burden and to help them cope with them, therapists step into the picture. 

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