Long, thick lashes are the dream of many women, but unfortunately, we are not blessed with perfect lashes. But now, the beauty world has changed a lot, and you can go with more in-depth treatments to achieve the look you want. At wisp lashes, we adore what lash extension can do for our eyes. It enhances your eyes look and makes them look bigger and brighter with minimal effort. When you go for eyelash extensions, you will get confused about the lash application methods and their effects on you and which suits you best, so we have made it easy for you with this article. 

Classic lashes 

You can always rely on classic lashes in the lash world as they are reliable, pretty, and natural-looking extensions. If you are looking for subtle eye enhancement, this is a perfect choice for you as it applies individually in a 1:1 ratio on the natural lash. Classic eyelash extensions amazingly fit into your everyday routine and give you a natural lash look vibe. 

Classic lashes come into three different designs:

Silk lashes 

They are a great choice for an everyday look. Silk lashes have a soft and glossy look, and it is an excellent option for newbies as they will know the feel of lash extension. They are more delicate and made you look more natural and glamorous. 

Faux mink lashes

They are human-made fibers that are finer than silk, so we tend to apply a fuller set. We love these lashes for occasion. They are a little bolder and slightly glossier than silk. These extensions hold their curl but less uniformly, so they give clients a more natural look.

Flat lash

The flat lash is best for those who are looking for classic lashes but with more oomph. These lashes come in a wide selection of curls for any eye and style. The difference between classic and flat lashes is the base as they are flatter at the bottom and provides the illusion of a fuller look.

Classic lashes are a perfect choice for you if you have a good amount of healthy lashes and very few lash line gaps. If your desired look is natural, then we always recommend classic lashes. You can also look for ellipse lashes as they are very similar to classic lashes and applied in the same way with the same extension ratio.

Classic lashes come in a variety of thicknesses for a truly customized look. Because on 1:1 application, classic lashes applied naturally or thickly will depend on how many natural lashes you have. Remember, we can only use an extension to your natural lashes, so those with sparse or fine lashes will be happier with the volume technique. Also, we recommend you for infills every two-three weeks with a classic lash set to compensate with natural lashes shedding cycle.

Volume lashes 

If you are seeing models with crazy lashes, then you are checking out volume lashes. It originated from a Russian technician, and it is used to achieve a fluffier look. This technique involves super light extension applied in fans and creating dark sweeps to the natural lash that really gives you a wow look! Recently volumes eyelash extensions are the lightest on the market, and lash experts are able to create more flexible extensions for you. 

At wisp lash, we make volume lashes within the appointment so that we can bring out the best in your eyes. Fans for volume can range between natural volume two or three lashes fans known as 2D-3D to medium volume three to five lashes per fan known as 3D-5D. If you try out the maximum volume set with extra intense lashes, then it will create a show-stopping look for some special occasion. 

Volume lashes come into three different styles:

Russian lashes

These lash extensions are the most demanded as the superfine lashes are into fans to apply on your natural lash. It comes in a different variety of thicknesses, so you can customize your fans’ look by making it small or wide. The fans snap onto your natural lashes without damaging your natural lash and give you a gorgeous fuller look.

American lashes

Unlike Russian volumes, where they use one length to create a uniform lash effect, here they use three or more length sizes across the lash line to create a soft and natural look that mimics a client’s own lashes. They are more textured and slightly uneven lashes. It is the most attractive style as it gives the desired fullness while still maintaining the natural look. 

Mega lashes

Volume lashes are not just for people looking for thick lashes but also for the people who want gorgeous natural-looking enhancement to their lashes. The fans technique used is great, and you will need less time spent on infills. Volume lashes are an excellent option for everyone who wants thick or thin or slender or strong lashes. Now you are cleared with a lash extension look so take a look at lash protection tips for the coming cold winter.


The classic lash extension will give you a simple natural look, while the volume lash extension gives you a dramatic, fuller appearance look. With this article’s help, you are now clear with the application method and the styles involved in both classic and volume lash extension. Eyelash extension at Knoxville has lash experts that have expertise in all the styles, and now it’s up to you what your desired eyelash extension looks like. Now don’t wait for more to have a fluffier eye look!