Commercial Refrigerators are one of the most commonly used cooling appliances in the food services industry, with a distinct set of features, capacities, and operations. And having the right refrigerator with proper storage & cooling power is essential to maintain the quality of the food & drinks.

If you are already having or planning to open a store that will present food or beverage items to your potential customers, then you should have proper understanding of the different types of commercial refrigerators. Plus, the knowledge of maintenance options and cool room repairs Ipswich will always keep you covered for all difficulties.

Different types of commercial refrigerators for food business


If you are planning to open a restaurant that requires ample space for food items, then investing in walk-in refrigerators is a good idea. Walk-in can vary in size, from large to small-sized and keep ingredients and food items fresh for long-term as well as consume less energy.

Walk-in refrigerators are great for storing juices, alcohol, or boxed items that allow restaurant staff to quickly move bulk ingredients without creating any hustle in the kitchen.

Reach-in Refrigerators

If you have significant refrigerator needs, reach-in refrigerators are one of the best choices. Mainly restaurants, hotels, college, dining halls, and many other commercial kitchens use reach-in refrigerators. They help in keeping the temperature of food regulated with proper storage space which doesn’t spoil the food.

However, depending on individual needs, the reach-in door can be made of glass or metal. You can also have solid half-door or pass-through shelving that can provide access to you from both sides for easy mobility.

Under Counter Refrigerators

Under counter Refrigerators are similar to reach- in and an excellent choice for small commercial kitchens. Typically, they are used to store produce, prepared food, and any other sauces or garnishes that will be used thought the day.

Under counter Refrigerators are expertly designed to install directly in the cooking line and usually fit into smaller spaces. In short, it offers a lot of functionality in a low-profile design and ensuring your food or drink stay fresh.

So if you want to store a few products or facing space problems in your commercial kitchen, then it would be an appropriate choice.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated Prep Tables are also known as mega top refrigerators and typically come in two configurations. It allows chefs or cooks to quickly and easily grab the ingredients for preparing pizza, salad, or sandwich.

They are designed to use directly in cooking or food preparing area and keep pans food fresh and cold with their cold rails. Plus, it has a reach-in refrigerator space for storing extra food.

These commercial refrigerators are ideal for diners, cafeterias, local delis, and various other restaurants.

Serve Over Counter Refrigerators

Serve Over Counter Refrigerators are similar to counter-top display and provide exceptional solutions. If someone is planning to open a café or grocery store, it can be a perfect choice. As they make the displayed items much more eye-catching to your potential customers when bent or level glass is used.

Its flexibility and versatility make it suitable for any layout needs. However, it is ideal for Grocery stores, cafeterias, supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers, and delicatessens.

Bar Refrigerators

Bar Refrigerators usually comes in low and high size with multiple solutions for keeping drinks fresh. It comes either in a stainless steel exterior or black vinyl finish, which gives a more streamlined look. And in both cases, the price can vary.

Depending on individual needs, the cooler can be made of solid or glass doors, where you can easily access the drinking inventory. Also, bar refrigerators can be customized so that you can load your beer keg in the under-counter fridge area.

Merchandising/Display refrigerators

Display refrigerators are also known as merchandising refrigerators and are usually designed to display food or useful items openly. It is perfect for bakeries, convenience stores, or cafes to show customers the delicious baked cakes or good things you have for sale. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so that you can choose the best display for your business.

Whether you need air curtain, glass-sided or dual service merchandiser, you can have refrigerators for your every requirement.

Final Words

Numerous types of commercial refrigerators are available in the market today. No matter what kind of food business you have or planning to open, you require investing in the right type of commercial refrigerator system that complements your products and operational dynamics.

It is also advisable to hire a professional consultant who can look after all your cool room repairs Ipswich and can help you in acquiring the right commercial refrigerator for your business without having any problem. Having the right refrigerator in your business can help you serve fresh food to your customers and serve them at your best.