Canon Inc. is a Japanese company that has a well-known name for imaging devices. This company manufactures various imaging and optical tools like photocopiers, printers, image scanners, cameras, microscopes, MRI imaging devices. Canon manufactures various types of printers. Canon printers are known for good speed and better quality. Canon devices are also very robust. But with time, you may get some common issues on your printer. These errors occur in almost every printer device but can be resolved easily.


Common errors in Canon printer


Slow printing 

Indeed, the Canon printer is known for its speed. But like other devices, Canon also has a smooth printing phase. After completing its smooth working phase, the speed of your printer may start declining. But if you have a new printer device and still facing slow speed then you should seek solutions. Most of the speed issues occur when you are using your wireless printer. The speed of the printer also depends upon the connectivity. If you are facing speed issues then try connecting your printer with USB. Always use high-speed USB with your printer. Another method for increasing your device is by using the drift mode of your printer. This mode increases your printing speed by reducing print quality. You can also use this mode when you are dealing with low ink as drift mode uses very less amount of ink. This mode is beneficial when you have to take black and white printouts. But you can’t take good quality printouts with drift mode so when you want to take quality printout; switch back to normal or quality mode.


Error code B203

Canon error B203 is a common error code in Canon printers where your printer is unable to execute your print command. Some common causes of this error are empty ink cartridges, the cartridge is not installed properly, the bad connection between computer and printer, and your outdated printer drivers. So whenever you get Canon error code B203, check your ink cartridge. Take out the cartridge and reinstall it properly. If the ink level is low then refill the cartridge and check whether your error gets resolved or not. If you are unable to fix the problem manually then you should contact Canon Support Code B203 for troubleshooting the error. Your connection can also cause an error. If you are using wireless printing then keep your router near the printer. You can also try using a USB cable as USB provides a good connection and better printing speed than wireless. You should also check for an updated driver. Outdated printer drivers can also lead to various printing errors. If you see any new update on drivers then download it immediately and check whether your error is resolved or not. 


Paper jam

The paper jam occurs when some junk is stuck inside your printer. Whenever you get a paper jam error; open your printer and clean it. Another reason for paper is multiple papers. Sometimes paper drums roll multiple papers that cause paper jam. Check your paper roll and then restart your printer.


Poor printing quality

Your printing quality depends on various factors like your printer type, cartridge, and paper quality. Canon printers provide excellent printing quality so if you are getting poor quality printout then check your ink and cartridge. You should never use a third-party cartridge. Always use a Canon cartridge on your printer. If your cartridge is empty then you can also refill it as buying a new cartridge is expensive. But you should always refill your cartridge under guidance. If you don’t refill the cartridge correctly then it can also harm other parts of your printer. 


No paper alert

Many people reported that they are getting no paper alert when they have enough papers on the paper tray. This error occurs when your paper tray is not loaded properly. Unplug your printer and take out the paper tray. Now reload it properly and then try to take printouts.

A user can face many other errors while using a printer device. Most of the issues easily get troubleshot by updating the printer drivers. Reinstalling the ink cartridges can also fix your various printer errors.