MBBS in Turkey

Uludag University (Turkish: Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi), which offers MBBS in Turkey, is one of the best public research universities in Turkey. International affairs, medicine , engineering, social & natural sciences and the arts are the focal points of university study and education. Since 1 January 2019, the university enrollment has been initiated.

University Features & Advantages

  • It is a State Sponsored University
  • Offering international students scholarships
  • Turkish University and World Top Ranking
  • It offers various numbers of courses.
  • IELTS for admission is not needed
  • Research differences at this university are also noted.
  • Education of high quality is offered at a very low fee.
  • No bank statement for admission is required.

MBBS Required Documents in Turkey Application

  • Personal documents of identification (ID card / Passport)
  • Copies of your records for schooling
  • A high school certificate with a minimum of scientific subjects: biology, physics, chemistry
  • GPA or 3.0 or higher, or analogous,
  • An Entry Test may also be required.

Turkey’s Benefits Scholarships for international students

Some of the Scholarship programme’s best benefits are listed below:

  • Free accommodation: students can live free of charge, and all students are accommodated in the dormitories of the university.
  • No tuition fees: after having the scholar ship, any tuition fees are not charged by the students, the education is absolutely free.
  • Health costs: Public health insurance covers all student health expenses. And if you are sick, all the bills are paid by universal health care. You don’t have to pay a single penny.
  • Travel expenses: students’ travel expenses will also be covered by the Turkey Scholarships scheme.
  • Undoubtedly, in terms of high-quality education and a reasonably decent lifestyle, Turkey is the best spot.

MBBS in the fee structure of Turkey and Expenses

The MBBS free arrangement in Turkey is as follows: After completing the exam, the student will be given Acceptance Letters and they will pay the fee and other expenses accordingly.

  • Exam fee for admission and registration and entry = 35000/- (non-refundable)
  • Please contact our representative for fee details,
  • The University of Medicine tuition fees will be EUR 1050 a year.
  • Complete Course Length is: 6 years
  • Living costs would be Rs. 20,000/- per month (including hostel and food).

MBBS Consultants in Turkey

Approved university consultants should be found to support Pakistani students who want to study MBBS in Turkey scholarship 2020.

The approved agent of ULUDAG University in Pakistan is WSL Consultants. To process your case for MBBS in Turkey, you can contact WSL Consultants.

Why WSL MBBS Consultants in Turkey

We control the whole process of registration, and better direct admission to this educational institution.

ULUDAG University Authorized Agent

The authorised agent of ULUDAG University, Bursa, Turkey is WSL Consultants. Last year in Lahore, we planned an entry exam in 2019. Complete information about MBBS in Turkey is provided by WSL Consultants.

About Turkey and Turkish Research

The location of the Turkish Republic is where Asia, Africa and Europe, the three continents of the Old World, are nearest to each other and straddle the point where Europe and Asia meet.

Turkey’s Positions

The sea surrounds three sides of the turkey The Marmara Sea, which is also in the northwest, includes the Straits of Istanbul and Dardanelles and is called Turkey ‘s territorial water.

The Climate of Turkey

The climate of Turkey varies according to the region. Turkey ‘s atmosphere is usually mild. The Black Sea region is moderate and rainy; the Mediterranean climate is found in the south and the Aegean region; and the central, east and southeast regions have a continental climate.