Linen suits have breathability and lightweight texture. For summer and springtime, men’s linen suits grab a terrific choice. The material of linen suits is derived from fibers of the flax plant, which is famous for offering a unique blend of comfort and softness. This fabric holds unique cooling properties and has become more refined with many different color options. This material has evident texture and holds dyes in a unique way, which gives the fabric a strong and distinct personality. However, we nowhere explain a comprehensive guide on linen suits for men.

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Comprehensive Guide on Men’s Lines Suits

What is Linen?

How to Wear a Linen Suit?

  • Choose A Light Color
  • Pick a Slim-Fit Suit
  • Maintain Cohesion With Suit Jacket and Trousers
  • Remove Wrinkles Before Wearing
  • Pay Attention to A Linen Dress Shirt
  • Wear Right Accessories


Comprehensive Guide on Men’s Lines Suits

Whether a summer wedding is on its way or a cocktail event is calling you, linen bespoke suits Sydney is the best choice that keeps you cool, even if the temperature is high. These suits are for every occasion, from unlined, drawstring versions to swanky three-piece double suits. 

What is Linen?

Linen is a fabric material made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is used in many forms like bags, towels, aprons, napkins, and tablecloths. Indeed, linen keeps the body temperature relatively cool and fresh. But, there is one disadvantage as it is prone to wrinkling. The term “linen” describes the visible parts of a dress shirt. Before the invention of the cotton gin, this most common material is used for shirts. The fabric is laborious and time-consuming to manufacture. In addition, linen garments tend to be more expensive than their in-class cotton counterparts. 

How to Wear a Linen Suit?

Choose A Light Color

As mentioned earlier, the linen suits are available in different color patterns, but choosing a light color will create an uplifting and attractive style. The material of linen fabric is considered as suitable during the spring and summer months. So, during this time, light colors handle the warming temperatures. The ivory, ecru, tan, and grey are the colors, which are naturally derived from the flax plants. In order to achieve the white linen, the manufacturer bleaches the flax fibers heavily. In addition, linen holds the dye perfectly due to that you do not have to limit yourself to a light-colored or neutral linen suit. These light-colored linen suits reflect the heat away from your body.

Pick a Slim-Fit Suit

Giving preferences to slim-fit linen suits will create a more flattering appearance that compliments your body. These slim-fit linen suits are characterized by their form-fitting design. This is not a baggy material, which will excess and dangles to your body. But, this linen material rests comfortably against your body, thereby making you look thinner and even taller. Many bespoke tailors offer a wide variety of linen suits that allow you to specify your measurements at no additional charge. 

Maintain Cohesion With Suit Jacket and Trousers

While planning to attend an event or any special occasion, make sure your linen jacket is perfectly matching with your trousers.  If you are trying to create a semi-formal appearance, then wear suits consisting of mismatching jackets and trousers. But if you are going for a full-on formal appearance, then your linen suit jacket must match your trousers. In case, if you want to enjoy the benefits of linen to keep you cool, then wearing a linen jacket is a perfect choice. This is a more casual style, which you can wear in most office environments when it gets warmer. 

Remove Wrinkles Before Wearing

Yes, tailored suits Sydney offer several benefits like comfortable texture, strong, durable, attractive, and many more. But, they are resistant to wrinkles and develop more wrinkles than suits made of other materials. So, check your linen suit before wearing them. If you find any major, visible wrinkle on your linen suit jacket or trousers, then it is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the care label to assassinate them. Additionally, you can also set your suit with a steam iron, or you may be able to dry clean it. Never make a mistake to wear a wrinkled linen suit. 

While ironing your suit, keep in mind that linen cannot tolerate heat. So, change the settings to the lowest heat in order to minimize the risk of damage. Alternatively, you can hang your linen suit in the bathroom and turn on the hot water tap or shower. The steam produced from the hot water will smooth out most wrinkles from your linen suit.

Pay Attention to A Linen Dress Shirt

There is no hard rule stating that you must wear a linen dress shirt with a suit. But, following this rule will help to create a more refined style in which all your garments match. Linen dress shirts are made of the same linen material as linen suits. Therefore, wearing them together will take your fashion style to the next level. When picking a linen dress shirt, do not forget about the color of your suit. Buy a different color of your dress shirt but not in the same color as your suit. On the contrary, the shirt should contrast with the color of your suit. For example, try wearing a white linen dress shirt with a black linen suit. If you choose a linen dress shirt in a contrasting color, you will be perfectly able to define the elements of your outfit. 

Wear Right Accessories

Accessories like a belt, tie, socks, shoes, pocket square, and watch all help in providing a defined look. The fabric variations in a tie will add visual interest. Alongside cotton and silk, linen is one of the most popular fabrics for pocket squares. Pairing a linen hanky with a linen jacket is perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, a belt and watch are also an essential fashion accessory for a linen suit. These do more than that, it adds color and texture to your outfit. If you are trying a comfortable, attractive formal outfit, then choose a fitted belt in color and style that matches your linen suit. Leather belts are always popular, which are generally available in both brown and black colors.

On the other hand, wearing the right socks and shoes with a linen suit is also important. So, wear socks in the same color as your trousers. This will blend your socks to the trousers and make them less visible. In the case of shoes, avoid wearing athletic shoes, tennis shoes and other forms of casual footwear. And, choose a formal style of shoes that compliments your linen suit.


So, give preference to a light-colored suit as it will make your body feel fresh and cool. Yes, it might be notoriously difficult to care for this fabric but you can iron out the creases and can wear it on your next occasion. You can also alter linen suits from a bespoke tailor with the right measurements. If you are looking for tailors nearby, then search with the term “tailor for suits near me” and find suitable options.