Market Outlook

Conalbumin is also known as Ovotransferrin, is a glycoprotein of egg white albumin. Conalbumin comprises around 13% of the protein content of egg albumin. Conalbumin contains 686 amino acids. The molecular weight of Conalbumin is 76 Kilo Dalton. Conalbumin is an iron-binding protein the similar type of protein is also available in mammals. Conalbumin acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Conalbumin is commercially extracted during the manufacturing of lysozyme hydrochloride, and then it is purified in labs. Conalbumin is sourced from chicken egg whites and chicken serum. Some investigators have found that a fraction of human blood serum exerts the same binding action like Conalbumin. Blood transferrin, conalbumin, and lactoferrin have similar amino acid compositions. Conalbumin is used as a food preservative, anti-microbial, and anti-viral substance and also used to substitute lactoferrin in various functions.

Increasing Applications of Conalbumin

Conalbumin contains protein as it is extracted from the chicken egg whites. The protein contents of conalbumin make its importance in dietary supplements. The demand for protein-rich dietary supplements is increasing among consumers globally. Conalbumin is also used to make nutrition rich infant formulae. Infant formula’s demand is high in western countries. The reason for the same is that due to health issues and to maintain physique, many women not fed their milk to their child; instead, they prefer to feed infant formula to infants. In addition, Conalbumin is also used in food processing as a food preservative which is additionally increasing the demand for conalbumin in the food industries. Hence, by considering these factors, it is expected that the demand for the conalbumin will be high in the near future.

Global Conalbumin Market: Key Players

Some of the key manufacturers and distributors operating in the global Conalbumin market are Neova Technologies Inc., Bioseutica, Biova LLC, ICL, Inc.  Belovo (BNL Food) Group, Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp., Sigma-Aldrich, Inc., and Thomas Scientific. Many other manufacturers are also showing a keen interest in conalbumin by considering the increasing demand for conalbumin among consumers across the globe.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

The global conalbumin market is evolving due to the growing demand for the dietary supplements. Also, the health consciousness among the consumers is a major factor that is driving the conalbumin market. As, conalbumin is a multi-functional protein including, iron delivery, iron binding, bactericidal bacteriostatic, antiviral, and immunomodulation properties, the demand for the same is expected high in the near future among the consumers as well as manufacturers. In addition, as the demand for infant formulae is high in North America, Latin America, and Europe, the manufacturers should focus on these regions and should launch their conalbumin based infant formulae in these regions to get high profit. Also, in the regions such as the Asia Pacific the demand for infant nutrition is increasing, so manufacturers should also launch conalbumin based infant formula in this region to get high profit in the future.

Furthermore, the demand for conalbumin in food preservative is expected to grow due to the increasing food processing industries all over the world. Also, manufacturers of conalbumin have a great opportunity to launch a product for gym goers, as gym goers need more protein and conalbumin contains a large amount of protein as it is extracted from the egg whites. Hence, manufacturers should do Research and development to innovate new product for gym goers and to enhance their business. Bound to the above factors it is expected that conalbumin market will grow positive during the upcoming years.