It will be your complete guide about a hair transplant cost and how you can recover from it afterward. Let’s be honest: what are the things that a person needs to do after getting any surgery done? You need to take care of a lot of things after you get a hair transplant because it is also a form of surgery. Things can get risky and sensitive if you do not take care of yourself in an appropriate manner because you are going to be under anesthesia for a few hours.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss more about how to get the hair transplant in Karachi.

So, keep reading to find out more information below about the best hair transplant in Karachi price.


What is the cost of getting a hair transplant done?


In Pakistan, a hair transplant can cost from 300000 rupees to 10 lakh rupees. But it is not a constant and defined cost that you will have to pay this much if you are about to get a hair transplant surgery performed on your scalp.

The expense that you are going to undergo for a hair transplant depends upon multiple factors. Let us have a look at those factors down below:


 1. Severity of the transplant:


The cost of your hair transplant depends on how complicated your balding situation is.


 2. The area you live:


The place where you are residing in can determine the cost of your hair transplant a lot. For example, if you live in an area where there are many hair transplant surgeons readily available, then the value of your hair transplant procedure will not be that high due to a lot of competition.

However, if you are residing in an area where the hair transplant surgeons are there, get ready to empty your pockets to get a hair transplant procedure done.


 3. Surgeon:


The cost of your hair transplant also depends upon how to experience your hair transplant surgeon is. It is a known fact that a more experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeon will charge you more for your hair transplant.


 4. Procedure and technique:


Then multiple kinds of hair transplant surgical procedures and methods used on patients full stop those procedures, and processes are different for every patient depending upon their particular case. The cost of your hair transplant procedure highly depends on how many techniques you will go through while getting your hair transplant procedure done.


Can I get health insurance?


Unfortunately, Health Insurance will not pay for the procedure of hair transplant. The reason behind this is that a hair transplant procedure comes under the category of a Cosmetic process. Health insurance does not cover any cosmetic procedure because it is only for health reasons.


Are there any other hidden costs?


Mosquito, there are no other costs when you are going to get a hair transplant procedure done. You will have to pay an amount at the clinic to get this procedure done. However, your system’s total cost can increase after you purchase your medicines for the aftercare of your scalp.


What is the process of a hair transplant?


A hair transplant is a process in which grafts of your hair are extracted from your scalp or some other body part. The hair sections are taken from the amount of your body that has thicker hair.

Then the sticker here is transferred to the part of your body where you have thin hair. Most of the time here is taken from the scalp back because people tend to have more hair in that area.