Whether you are a freelance graphic designer looking for the ideal creative space for rent or a small business looking to increase their office space, coworking spaces are perfect. They are fully serviced, cost-effective and easily available to smaller businesses, startups and entrepreneurs that don’t possess the spending budgets of their larger competitors.

Everything you need, ready to go

When it comes to searching for the ideal creative space, traditional office spaces can be massively restrictive for smaller businesses. Having a smaller spending budget means having less access to what the business requires to grow.

By renting a coworking space, businesses gain immediate access to fully equipped services such as the fastest high-speed internet with a solid internet connection and desktop monitors, keyboards and mouses. They will also have access to printers, photocopiers and scanners depending on their needs.

Each workspace also comes equipped with furniture such as office desks, comfortable ergonomic chairs and staff lockers.

Promoting motivation through inspiration

A creative space is much different to a traditional office space. Rather than small cubicles to hide staff away in, coworking spaces offer a spacious open space design that incorporates relaxing natural lighting.

Panoramic views of the CBD skyline surround each office space as staff work alongside other like-minded professionals to share ideas. Many coworking space providers also offer monthly workshops for staff to improve their skills, talks from industry professionals and networking events. This allows staff to socialise with other staff in the building and build their network of contacts.

Professional meeting rooms

Opting for a creative space for rent with a coworking space provider also offers access to a range of corporate meeting rooms when meeting with clients. Traditional office spaces can be known for not having the right meeting room capabilities or not possessing a meeting room altogether.

Many coworking providers have large and small corporate meeting rooms that offer the ideal location to conduct important meetings with clients. They are fully serviced with projectors, monitors, audiovisual gear, high-speed internet and professionally trained reception staff that greet each client under the business’s name.

Highly sought-after locations

Paying for a traditional office space in a prime CBD location will result in being locked into a very expensive, and often lengthy, office lease with a real estate. This can be daunting for startups and freelancers who may not be ready to enter such a long-term commitment.

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, offer affordable month-to-month rental plans in prestigious CBD locations such as Elizabeth Street, Collins Street and Queen Street. Businesses gain a premium CBD-listed business address and business phone number, projecting an established image to their customers.

Each coworking space is located near a variety of bars, pubs, restaurants, cafés and other entertainment spots, perfect for kicking back with staff after a long and productive work week.

If you’re looking for the ideal creative space for rent in Sydney, search online for a coworking space provider and get in contact with them today!