The present COVID situation has forced most of us to work from home, and with the possibility of this being a scenario for at least the next few months, It’s important to search out for inspiration to make things a little more comfortable at home. You need to focus on creating a space that is more trendy and functional. While decorating your home office, there needs to be a right balance, the office setup must cater to all the requirements of a productive and practical workspace while still looking aesthetically pleasing and not taking away the feeling of being “home”.

Even though there are several options to buy office furniture through several online furniture stores in Bangalore, a majority of working professionals do not pay much attention to setting up their workspace and end up being cramped at the corner of the bedroom or working from bed. This may sound super comfortable, but it’s never a good idea to work where you sleep as it may take a considerable toll on your mental health. Here are a few fun tips that may help you transform your space into a cozy office without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.Utilizing the existing furniture: A broad dining table can work as a perfect desk if you are working with a large number of files, you can also customize your dining chair with a cozy cushion to make it more comfortable during the long working hours. If you do not have a dining set, it’s about time you invest in it. Looking Good Furniture is offering a variety of dining table sets online in Bangalore at unbelievable prices.

2.Brighten up space: Adding quirky lights to your space can make a lot of difference both aesthetically as well as it increases the work productivity. The ambient lighting should be about half as bright as found in most offices. However, during the daytime ensure that there is maximum natural light in front of or next to work surfaces.

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3.Add wooden shelves for office storage: Combining your work files with other documents can lead to major cluttering and misplacing, Consider using wall shelves from some of the best online furniture stores in Bangalore to efficiently organize your office supplies, these shelves will not only save floor space but also will add a character to an otherwise plain wall.

4.Nature friendly: Indoor plants are said to boost your mood, increase productivity, concentration, and creativity and are also known to reduce stress and fatigue which is exactly what we need in an ideal workspace. Apart from its health benefits, house plants also add adept to any space and are so easy to look after.

5.Customize your space: Another advantage of working from home is that you can push your creative skills to make your desk look stylish and make it one that represents your personality. So, adding personalized elements like positive quotes, a photo frame of your loved ones, a souvenir, etc will make your office space a part of your home but with its unique identity.

We need to adapt to the new normal and staying at home is the best we can do to fight this pandemic, in these trying times, we hope these tips will make your home office set up a bit more exciting and fun.

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