The fashion industry of this generation does not stick on only specific things, but it keeps shifting to a variety of clothes. Now, with the outgoing nature of the fashion style statement in the fashion industry, individuals are slowly moving to the trends of Crop tops plus pencil gree

A pencil skirt with crop top of course is a fashion style statement, but there is this one major thing that they never go out of fashion. If a person is choosing outfits and is in dire need to buy a refreshing new addition of outfit, then they should buy pencil skirts. With its form-flattering design and a wide range of lengths, pencil skirts channel the snazzy vibes of our timeless bombshells, so taking any wardrobe a notch higher.

One can style their pencil skirts for any occasion, be it work or even if they want to have a vintage look or even a modern look.

Different Looks with Pencil Skirt & Crop Top

Every pencil skirt depending upon different colours has a retro vibe. Even though the retro vibe the pencil skirt instinctively lends its wearer, the traditional style that is applied on the skirt can be modernized with some smart crop tops, shoes, accessories, and the like. Matching a casual, cotton pencil skirt with a crop top changes it into a cool, comfy appearance.

Combine a nylon-blend, form-fitting pencil skirt with a complementing white crop top and the wearer turns into a chic stunner, set for a night-out with Beyonce. To achieve an edgy look, you may couple a black pencil skirt with chunky ankle boots, a studded belt, and a jean jacket. One can also crop it like it is hot. Pair the new skirt to a fashionable crop top with pencil skirt plus a colourful cardi or leather jacket to turn your style up a few decades. One can also turn modish with their accessories! A classy brooch may seem out of date, but a funky necklace paired with gladiator sandals are new age staples.

Converting the lovely spring outfits into work-ready styles is easy with the dynamic pencil skirt crop top. No matter you are an enthusiast of the orthodox black pencil skirt or a like is slightly too vibrant, matching this staple item, with a dapper blouse and complementing accessories will directly change you into a professional fashion pandit.

Choose Funky Colours To Accentuate Traditional Outfits

Starting with neutral colours like beige, black, grey, and white to ease into the pencil skirt life; go for timeless patterns such as houndstooth, plaid, and funky chambray add a texture element to the otherwise graceful and dashing pencil skirt. For a sharp and sophisticated pop of colour choose deeper tones such as maroon and navy. For a more exciting spring attire go for royal blue, goldenrod or even pastel pink, and mint lime green party dress. Do not undermine the power of a black pencil skirt, white button-down and blazer combo.

One of the best things about pencil skirts is that they are made for every body type and can easily be styled to fit their own brand. Regardless of that pencil skirt personify big business in the boardroom or pub-crawling in the city, this classical piece will pep up the spring wardrobe. From flirty spring outfits to cool winter get-togethers, pencil skirts are the versatile piece you need in your collection right now. What’s your favorite way to wear a pencil skirt?


Pencil Skirts with the crop top are an amazing combination and can be paired for any occasion just depending on various colours.