Essential oils have improved lives for thousands of decades, proposing a spread of advantages from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and non-secular use. Fresh Living has always been at the lead of transporting this antique tradition to modern users, introducing millions to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness which will be truly life-changing.

Extracted through cautious condensation extraction, balm appointing, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are much more prevailing than the botanicals from which they are accessible. Any time you clench a bottle of Fresh Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature’s pure essence.

How to Use Essential Oils

You can access the competence of essential oils some methods, but the foremost common performs include aromatic circulation, an interesting application, and dietary consumption. These methods convey the pure soul of health-promoting botanicals to your home, family, and life.

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Inspire a positive spirit

Love the way the cologne from a fresh orange crust brightens your day? Each essential oil’s complex, pleasant, and unique scent triggers emotions and memories, which may help in your look for a more fulfilling and balanced life. To help you re-experience peace, balance, and joy, use these essential oils and blends for diffusion, soothing baths, massage, inhalation, or topical application.

  • Joy volatile oil blend
  • Lavender volatile oil
  • Orange volatile oil
  • Peace & Calming II volatile oil blend
  • Peppermint volatile oil
  • Jasmine volatile oil

Enhance Your Physical Wellness

Modern routines don’t always create ideal conditions for physical wellness. Poor nutrition, lack of workout, and an excess of environmental toxins can leave the body unstable and weaken energy levels. From weight management to supplemental support, our custom essential oil boxes and essential oil-infused products can provide the targeted solutions you would like to revive balance and feel your best. inspect our Slique weight-management system or Vitality line of dietary essential oils to get the simplest thanks to infusing your life. Feel revived a day with the entire food-based nutrients, powerful antioxidants, and pure essential oils found in these products.

  • NingXia Red
  • EndoFlex Vitality
  • OmegaGize3
  • AgilEase
  • Slique Tea

Enhance Spiritual Awareness

Exasperate and essential oils from plants have always frolicked a key part in religious and spiritual rituals, helping participants surpass the insignificant and associate with something larger than themselves. The pure constituents within these oils stimulate olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s visceral brain related to memory, emotion, and state of mind. to reinforce your spiritual practice, dilute and apply to empower essential oils on to wrists, feet, and behind the ears or diffuse the oils during a quiet space. Standard essential oils and blends for spiritual focus include:

  • Sacred Frankincense essential oil
  • White Angelica essential oil
  • Live Your Passion essential oil blend
  • Inspiration essential oil blend

Purify Your Home

Harsh chemical formulas aren’t your only option when it involves cleaning your home. Enjoy peace of mind once your elegance countertops, wash sticky hands, and lookout of laundry with the effective emetic power of essential oils and our Shoplifts line of products.

  • Household Cleaner
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • Laundry Soap
  • Lemon volatile oil
  • Purification volatile oil blend

Refine Your Beauty Routine

Eliminate harsh ingredients from your care products and let your beauty shine through. You’ll fall crazy with the wide selection of essential oils that help keep skin looking clear, boost moisture, and provides you that youthful glow! Essential oils can even comfort make your locks look juicy! Using naturally derived ingredients, our advanced skin and hair care solutions make it easy to enjoy the gorgeous benefits of essential oils a day.

  • ART Skin Care System
  • ART Sheerlumé™
  • Lavender Hand & lotion
  • Frankincense volatile oil
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) volatile oil

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