Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone in an organization, not just IT experts. Along with personal safety, individuals should focus on their surroundings and businesses.

There are several areas that companies and workers fail to pay attention to in relation to cyber security. These are not in order of importance because all are necessary.

Lack of training for in the Team

When we raise our children, we make sure that they want to look both ways before engaging with the road, not to take anything sweet from outsiders, and to sit in a vehicle with someone they don’t know. For all of us, this is common knowledge as we have received this training in person.

With cyber security, similar principles are used. Do not open attachments from anonymous references. Do not visit unusual looking websites. Do not give your password to anyone.

Companies should ensure that they have training for all workers, and have other, fundamental cyber security considerations. Education should be on the introduction of new hire and it decides to conduct an annual or half-yearly review.

Failure to limit/log access

Who has access to which data? What did the IT manager change the directory setup? Who changed the agreements? Do all employees have access to HR data? Does any additional person have an economic report? Are the logs showing what data is entered?

Most of the answers to these questions will be “we don’t know” and it will be difficult to identify and address. Businesses need to employ built-in tools to use log logs and, when necessary, obtain third-party software for more extensive control and granularity. Not only can the tracking method prevent a data breach, but it also enables organizations to find out what happened when a data loss occurred.

Caring about corporate data

Most workers just focus on their day-to-day jobs, they are not concerned with the fundamentally intelligent resources in their corporation. A large number of employees do not even know what data is important for the success of their company.

With a focus on what is in our presence, it is remarkably difficult to preserve what really matters to the company. Employees know that business and human resource records are worth protecting, this is not enough.

Workers should also be aware of abstract data that is important to the company to ensure and adopt appropriate procedures when dealing with others with accountability to deal with that data and preserve that information.

Understanding cyber threats

Phishing, spoof, worm, Trojan horse, farming, hijack attack. All keywords in the cybersecurity world and, with few exceptions, most people have no idea what these expressions mean.

Along with primary training, it serves for companies to ensure that the team knows what these attacks are and how to defend them. Many times more warnings that someone is familiar with, it is the ability of companies to take further risks to support workers. Common sense goes a long way, and with continuous simple communication, businesses can let employees know what to look for and how to work when problems occur.

Spending money in the wrong area, or not at all

Many times businesses focus on revenue-generating possibilities and ROI while spending money. Organizations should also adopt a protective position. This does not mean simply wasting money on networking equipment and edge devices to protect their data assets, they must know the size and use of threats in different areas.

Firewalls, extranets and interference exposure systems are all well and good; however, they only protect companies from specific types of attacks. Businessmen should have a holistic view of cyber security and invest as required. Cyber security is an investment and needs to be seen through the budget process.

Everyone should take ownership for cybersecurity. With major data breaches occurring weekly in today’s world, it is imperative to focus and share responsibility for data security, affecting millions.

Through education, logging, understanding corporate data, knowledge of threats, and appropriate cyber security company investments, companies will gain greater security. When companies have data security, investors, employees and consumers get peace of mind and clarity that they are as safe as possible.