Out of the various airline companies that exist today, the Delta airlines is the best one. This airline company is known to provide its passengers the best of experience and best facilities. The airline also provides lucrative cancellation options to its users. That is, if for any reason, the users want to cancel the tickets of Delta Airlines Reservations, they can cancel them and can also receive a refund for the same.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the important aspects of Delta Airlines’ refund policy and how everyone can get attractive refunds out of their tickets cancellation.

Important aspects of Refund Policy

  1. The refund policy of Delta Airlines state that a 100 percent refund will be credited to the account of the user if he cancels the ticket within 24 hours of the booking. If the refund is asked after 24 hours, some fees will be charged as the cancellation fees.
  2. A 100 percent refund is also provided for the tickets, which are refundable in nature. In case the ticket is non-refundable, some cancellation charges will be levied on the user.
  3. It takes some time to credit the refund in the account. This is due to the fact that intermediary banks require some time to execute the process.
  4. The amount is credited directly to the account, which was used to purchase the tickets. In case of a credit card used to purchase the tickets, the amount is added to the credit card balance.
  5. The refund application for the tickets should be put sufficient time before the departure time of the flight. In case the refund request is not made before 3 hours of flight departure, no refund is provided in this particular case. Hence the time of request for refund is important.

Thus, we have seen important aspects related to the refund policy of delta airlines. It is easy to get a refund out of your canceled tickets, and everyone can execute this process. The refund is credited directly in the account of the user from which the ticket is purchased. In case the credit card is used to purchase the tickets, the balance will be credited to the credit card balance.

The process of getting a refund is very easy and automatic. Every person with an active internet connection on his computer can execute this process and enjoy the refunds credited to the account. Call Delta airlines booking to make reservations now.

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