Choosing a good colour scheme for your website design is very important. It helps in ensuring readability, accessibility and a beautiful final product. The only downside to choosing a colour scheme for your website design is that it is not easy for most people.

You do not have to worry about what colour schemes to use because you can just follow the most used colour schemes. These include;

  1. Soft Tones

    This colour scheme is widely used for fashion and design websites. It features a classy, soft and appealing colour. There are just three colours used in the soft tone design, these include; #c5d5cb, #9fa8a3 and #e3e0cf

  2. Simple Grey, White and Red

    This is yet another pleasing and minimalist colour scheme you can use on your website. This colour scheme can be used in web pages with more text content. The colour codes for this scheme include ; #E3E3E3, #F6F6F8, and #C60021.

  3. Gradient Green And Blue With White Text

    This is another colour scheme that is very appealing to use in professional websites. It is beautiful yet simple, offering a modern look website.

  4. Orange With Red Tones

    These are warm colour combinations that are appealing. The style uses a gradient scale to offer uniquely designed websites. This colour scheme can be used for fashion and on websites targeting women.

  5. Soft And Bright Pink With Jet Black

    This is also another awesome combination of colours that are widely used on the website. This is a trend design that can be used for both fashions related and also other websites. The colour codes are #000000 #FA225E, #C39EA0, and F8E5E5.

  6. Grey And Soft Yellow And Deep Green

    This colour scheme can serve several purposes and can be used on various websites such as health and fitness. These are trendy colour schemes that offer a sense of style and design.

  7. Black On Black

    This is another interesting colour scheme trend that is being widely used. It is unique and offers gradients that offer an excellent look.
    It is important to consider various colours schemes when planning to design a website. Take time to evaluate your needs as well as those of your target audience.

You can use several available colour pallets to design a colour scheme that will resonate with your brand and at the same time meet the needs of your customers.

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