Every dog parent, be it a new or an old one worries about the kind of food they provide their pup. It is extremely important to ensure a healthy and fulfilling diet for your dog especially in its growth years. It is often the case when dog parents get confused with the abundance of varieties available online and end up ordering the wrong choice of food. The kind of food to be bought should strictly depend on the dog you are raising and its choices.

Why is it important to buy the right dog food?

Without the proper nutrients, your dog is likely to get sick frequently. The nutrients that help your dog to get healthier and keep their fur shiny would stay deficient. If the food you order does not suit your dog, they wouldn’t enjoy their meal and may soon get undernourished. Lack of necessary supplements can also make your dog dull and eventually cause depression.

Therefore, to help you with the right of choice of dog food, below mentioned are the types of choices available online and detailed insight into each:

  • Dry food or Kibble:

Considered as one of the most economical categories, dry food tends to stay in your budget and is often liked by our furry friends. Kibble is a category of cooked dog food in Toronto and around the world that lasts for a longer time when compared to the rest of its counterparts. These are some of the reasons why dog parents consider dry food as a better option.

Additionally, dry food helps in keeping dogs’ teeth healthy as there is no chewy substance that could create a cavity later. This saves the parent from brushing their teeth frequently. However, when buying dry foods online, make sure to choose the ones with the most wholesome and healthy ingredients.

  • Semi-moist dog food:

This food category usually comes in the shapes of burgers, pork chops, meatballs, etc. to make it look more attractive to your dog. They do taste good but lack a serious amount of nutrition which proves unhealthy for your dog in the long run. Semi-moist dog food should be considered an occasional snack for your pup and shouldn’t be a part of their regular diet. Moreover, these treats contain a high amount of artificial colors and flavors that may not suit every dog.

  • Wet food or Canned:

Canned foods are a favorite in the doggy world. This category of food lasts for a long time on the shelf and is growing very popular these days. However, it can prove to be quite expensive in the long run and is not that nutritional for the dog. Wet foods contain a large amount of water which dilutes the amount of protein present in it.

Moreover, not every type of canned food provides the right concentration of digestible proteins. Due to this, the diet of your dog stays undernourished and insufficient. When buying wet food online, the necessity of considering the number of proteins cannot be overstated.

  • Home-made food:

If you have the time and energy to provide your dog with the best nourishment, cooking for them can be a good option. Through this, you can keep in check the exact amount of nutrients your dog consumes and manage a schedule to make them healthier as well.

There are various types of foods that can be cooked at home quite easily, provided you have the right ingredients. If not, you can always buy the right ingredients online to make the best-cooked dog food in Toronto and around the world at a much discounted price.

Additionally, if you are new to this, start by preparing small chunks of food and let your pooch try them. If they like it, give it to them for a period and keep a note of any changes in their health.

The types mentioned above are the broad categories under which dog foods are available in the market today. According to your dog’s requirement, you can make changes to their diet or provide them a fusion of two or more categories. However, make sure to consider a vet before shifting your dog to a completely different diet and learn the pros and cons of each type.