Speaking of SNS (social media), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LINE will soon come to mind. Many companies have acquired and operated accounts.

Marketing using SNS (social media) is one of the things we always want to understand because trends are changing dramatically, even in the fast-paced world of the Internet and join Content Marketing Services in USA.

This time, the latest one, based on data from a survey conducted over the course of the year, SNS would like to explore your location from different angles.

First, let’s take a look at the actual use of each SNS.

Here we present the trends for the main NHSs in a summary.


The proportion of people “currently using” Facebook is high, at 34-39% per month.

The disturbing proportion of “was available before and is not available now” is 2016 year 1 at the time of May 7.8, while it was %, 2016 year 12 to May 14.1% and twice as close Content Marketing Services in USA.


Twitter is a layer of “common usage” is, 35~40 has been maintained as a percentage. 2016 year 1 from May 12 when seen in May, will be in the form, as a little more in total and join the Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York.

The percentage of users who used it before but no longer use it today has not changed much. It seems to be positioned as a stable social environment.


One of the social media that has changed a lot is Instagram . Today, it has become firmly established as a social media, along with Facebook and Twitter. That’s what the survey data shows and join  Content Marketing Services in USA..

Notably the percentage of respondents who “The service knows you haven’t used” in recognition of the sample rises each month, 12 in January point 1 of May 10 out of 42.8 became a%.

For actual use also “This service is currently available” is 12 in the survey of 22.3 May and %, so January 1 10 has increased the percentage Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York.


Youtube is a service that has an exceptional usage rate of over 70% almost every month. It seems that most of the uses are for browsing the videos rather than downloading some of the videos themselves, but this shows that videos have great power and join Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York.


As far as the LINE is concerned, there is still a debate as to whether it is the media or not. I have the idea that it is not social media, but it is included in the survey data, so let me introduce it and join the Best PPC Services Agency in New York.

4 to May 40 response that was the percentage “are currently available” is, 5 suddenly in May 60 percent, did not fall.

As it increased suddenly at one point, it may be affected by some external factors such as simultaneous changes in the smartphone model, but it should not be reduced to a paper-like mail in the future and join Best PPC Services Agency in New York.

In addition, it seems that many users even think that “if you buy a smartphone, the application is included from the start”.

This survey examines many types of social media such as Google+, Mixi, Nico Nico Douga, and Ustream. However, most of the elements we have introduced so far are topics that companies are working on, so we will send them here and join Best PPC Services Agency in New York.