Over the last decade, the defense industry has been witnessing a massive transformation owing to the increasing development of technologies such as directed energy weapons (DEWs), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (ML). The increased need for efficiency, precision, speed, and low-cost engagement have shifted the focus of enterprises from conventional defense system to a modernized directed energy weapon systems such as laser, microwave, and neutral particle beam. The market is undergoing a major transformation with varied applications of directed energy weapon systems playing a critical role in defense, such as countering swarms of drones, mortars, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles with high precision and low-cost engagement. Developments in the field of high-power solid state and fiber laser is a turning point in the growth of directed energy weapon systems. The market of directed energy weapon systems is expected to evolve significantly in developed regions such as North America and Europe and is gaining popularity in geographies such as the Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa (MEA). However, it is experiencing extensive growth because of various development programs of high laser and microwave weapon systems.

There have been significant developments in the field of directed energy weapon systems resulting in growing interest and escalating demand for deployment of these advanced weapons by military forces across the globe. Due to increasing military budget inflows across the globe due growing conflicts among various countries, the demand of cutting-edge technologies such as laser and microwave weapon are in substantial demand. The directed energy weapon systems are developed with the aim of countering the growing threats from unmanned aerial vehicles, mortars, missiles, and small boats at a low engagement cost. Key advantages of directed energy weapon systems are their high speed, precision, flexibility, and low operation cost.

The need for enhanced border security due to increasing land disputes, migration, and smuggling, has compelled several countries to further strengthen their security. This has led to the increase demand in the development of advanced directed energy weapon systems to provide enhanced situational awareness to the soldiers so as to have a competitive edge over the opponents. With recent developments in the field of optics, laser and microwave technology, directed energy weapon systems are becoming available at a reliable cost.

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The major driving force behind the growth of the directed energy weapon systems market is largely attributed to the increase in the number of defense programs related to directed energy weapon systems and associated investments. Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) system is a technology which is currently in a phase of research and development. Defense technology companies like BAE Systems is working on development of LDAL technology. The prime objective for the development of this technology is to safeguard friendly troops, aircraft, ships, and land vehicles from attacks from high-power laser weapons. With the help of this technology, LDAL system can be capable to temporarily alter the atmosphere into lens-like structures capable of redirecting Electro Magnetic (EM) energy, including light beams and radio waves.

The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens system use a high-pulsed-power laser system and utilizes a physics theory called the ‘Kerry Effect’ to temporarily ionize or heat a small portion of atmosphere in a controlled way. Glass lenses, mirrors, and structures like Fresnel zone plates could all be replicated using the atmosphere, allowing the physics of reflection, refraction and diffraction.

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) is largely defined as those weapons which produce high power beam of concentrated energy in the form of electromagnetic, atomic, and sub-atomic particles, which is used to damage or destroy objects or eliminate human adversaries.