Myths and misconceptions about erectile dysfunction have deprived a large number of impotent males from availing ED treatment. Complete information and facts can enrich their knowledge and enable them to get proper treatment as well.

Myth 1: Erectile Dysfunction affects elderly people and lasts a lifetime

Fact:  Erectile dysfunction is sexual health disorder which can be caused by a number of factors. Although, it is quite obvious to elderly individuals to put an extra effort for a strong arousal, but it does not mean that they cannot relish an erection with the growing age. Moreover, erectile dysfunction can be treated well with effective ED medications like Eriacta UK.  This medication releases sufficient amount of blood to the male organ and keeps them hard for an extended duration during lovemaking act. So, elderly people enjoy a healthy sexual life and anyone can perform confidently in bed with its correct dose.

Myth 2: Younger males do not struggle with impotence

Fact: As per a recent study, erectile dysfunction is common among men over the age of 40-77 years. But it does not deny the fact that younger males don’t experience erectile difficulties. Today, men in their 20 and 30’s also find it difficult to get hard and stay erect during physical intimacy. In fact, this health disorder can impact men from any age group. In case, a young man fails to achieve an erection, he must consult with a doctor and get proper medicines, if needed. One can also buy Eriacta online from trusted medicine suppliers to effectively treat the disorder.

Myth 3: Erectile Dysfunction is not harmful!

Fact: Following the conventional theory that erectile dysfunction is not dangerous is more dreadful. This health condition could be the presage of certain other health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Proper treatment should be taken to alleviate the severity of this sexual disorder. On the website of numerous online drug stores in UK, ED patients can find Eriacta 100 for sale. Online buyers can order this medicine from the privacy of their home as per their requirement and get the same at their doorstep with 5 working days. This powerful ED medication keeps men vibrant and effective for 4-6 hours and allows spending quality time with their female companion.