Certainly, a bank account is needed for Cash App to function. The name Cash App itself is indeed directly or indirectly related to banks. Powered and developed by a digital payment company Square, it allows its users to send and receive money directly into the bank account through a debit card. A visa debit card which is also called a cash card is provided, when it’s users are connected with the account. This card can be used to purchase goods and carry on transactions without involving personal debit/credit card or bank account. Such privilege is only for the United States.

To avail of its benefits, one must download the application Cash App. It starts by adding a mobile number or email address which allows creating a username also called $Cashtag. It is advisory to set a unique username. These are the easy ways to create an account. Furthermore, to send money to someone all a user needs to do is just feed the amount and tap the Pay button. A reason must be provided for each payment.

In respect to receiving money, it is notified through email or text. To view it the user must tap the clock button on the home screen of the application. This application also comes with an option to cancel payments to overcome fraud or security breaches. To proceed with such an option a user needs to contact its customer support to learn more about it.


Likewise, pay or receive the option, after Cash App Card Activation it allows its user to enjoy the privilege of refund also. Just select on the Refund button and tap OK to redeem the amount back. The application has its drawback on the limitations in sending and receiving amounts. A user is not allowed to send more than $250 in a week and $1000 in a month. To increase this amount the user must be above 18 years of age. Necessary documents regarding proof of identity must be provided as per Cash App terms and conditions. This will increase the amount to $2500 to send in a week and an unlimited amount to receive in a month.


It even allows business accounts only to receive and not to send payments. There is no transparency of fee distribution through Cash App in a single platform. Rather it distributes its fees through multiple themed pages such as ATMs, bitcoins, and cashouts. To maintain the balance in a Cash App account, the transfer can be done directly from a bank account through a free debit card, and no fee is charged. Cash App takes 3 working days for the payment to reflect in an account but if a user wants a direct deposit on the cash app, then a fee of 1.5% is charged to provide the benefit. A user can also withdraw cash from an ATM without any fee charged by Cash App.



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