The admission process to a medical school or university or college for MBBS in Ukraine is usually a 2 steps process.

The first step includes e-mailing the following documents to the institution –

  1. ID card and international passport photocopy
  2. A copy of the Higher Secondary School grade page approved by the school
  3. Completed Application Form

After reviewing all these documents carefully, the institution or school or university or college will notify you that your application has been accepted with your e-mail ID or on a phone call. After the confirmation, you will need to pay anywhere from $ 100 to $ 500, depending on the university, to receive your confirmation letter. The confirmation letter acts as the original admission application that you must complete and submit along with the documents included in the second step.

  1. Confirmation letter from the institution or school or university or college you applied to or from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  2. At least 10 passport size photos.
  3. Recommendation Letter from school.
  4. Copy of birth certificate.
  5. Copy of passport.
  6. Copy of 10th and 12th
  7. Medical certificate for proof of physical health.
  8. Police verification certificate for good character proof.
  9. Physical examination reports translated into Ukrainian language and authorized by the Ukrainian embassy of your country.
  10. Completed application form of the institution or school or university or college.

The 2nd step takes a little longer as most of all these documents, such as the police verification certificate or the Ukrainian language physical examination report, are generally not available to applicants. After completing step 1 or even before it, applicants are advised to edit these documents so that the procedure can be smooth and you can request your seat quickly.

VISA Process

To apply for a VISA (Visitors International Stay Admission), the candidates must submit a copy of the confirmation letter to the Ukrainian Embassy in India at least 3 months before moving to Ukraine for their study. The embassy will prepare a form and you will need to complete and send it along with these documents –

  1. Passport.
  2. Signed VISA (Visitors International Stay Admission) application form from the institution or school or university or college you are applying for.
  3. 2 photographs of the candidate (35 Ă— 45 mm).
  4. Proof of sufficient funds (copy of the parents or guardians with sufficient balance or your bank passbook).

You can apply for E-VISA (Electronic- Visitors International Stay Admission) for a single entry of 30 Days VISA (Visitors International Stay Admission) through the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, if you need to visit Ukraine urgently to resolve any issue or for a delayed process.

Admission Procedure

Once the documents are issued, the admission procedure is relatively simple and easy. Now you need to fill out the confirmation letter, fill out the application form and complete all these necessary steps –

  1. Write an application to the University President for enrollment.
  2. Carry original copies of all the required documents, translated into Ukrainian language and certified by the Notary and your country’s Embassy in Ukraine
  3. Finally, deposit the admission fee of the institution or school or university or college during the admission process.

This procedure is quite simple and convenient for Indian medical students as the Ukrainian Embassy in India is very active in assisting students with the admission process who interested in studying MBBS in abroad.