The medical billing industry today is facing a huge challenge not only in its billing and coding process but also in the area like patient financial responsibility, shortage of staff, resource allocation, etc due to COVID- 19 pandemic.

In fact, as the ratio of peoples being affected is seen increasing the American Medical Association (AMA) for seamless billing and coding process is fast-tracking the development of a unique Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code; which is only used for reporting novel coronavirus testing.

In fact, due to the shortage of medical billing experts due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, healthcare practices have even canceled electives surgeries and procedures too to conserve supplies and make the medical billing process easy.

As the survey shows that one out of three physicians is older than the age of fifty, healthcare physicians at the frontlines have the highest risk of infection, which is quite a challenging event.

As more than 109,500 lives have even affected globally from the novel strain of coronavirus and social distancing is the norm, healthcare providers are lacking not only in staffing issues but also in providing proper patient care due to the complicated medical billing process during this period of crisis. This is why along with responding to the frontlines, healthcare providers need an ideal platform that can serve them with the full potential.

“In fact, this is the perfect time for the healthcare provider to get in touch with a complete outsourcing organization handling medical billing, coding, collection and telehealth destination for a seamless medical billing process in this crisis period of COVID – 19 pandemic,” said Dr. Dipak Nandi, a physicist, entrepreneur and veteran in the healthcare domain.

An ideal platform that offers a full continuum of revenue cycle management with tailored customized solutions helping the healthcare practices during the crisis period and even after the period, in today’s time is very essential.