Some might feel that Dubai’s location as a desert city is a disadvantage for outdoor experiences. Nevertheless, Dubai proved it otherwise with a range of outdoor attractions that are outstanding and unparalleled. These outdoor attractions are a fascinating assortment of experiences that are an absolute delight to enjoy during Dubai’s milder months when the scorching heat doesn’t feel very harsh. For active travelers, Dubai tourist places is worth destination for adventure and fun experiences such as Desert Safaris, fun theme parks, water sport adventures to name a few. For mellowed tourists, couples and families, Dubai offers some mind-blowing landscapes to enjoy enigmatic vistas and spend quality time with near and dear ones. One such awe-inspiring outdoor attraction is the Al Qudra Lake and its desert surroundings.

  • A verdant oasis in the Arabian Desert
    Yet another mind-blowing man-made marvel in Dubai, Al Qudra is a sprawling landscape located amid the Saih Al Salam desert on the edge of South Dubai. This attraction is an impressive man-made haven designed to offer solace amid nature and to take a pause from daily life. An excursion from Dubai city to Al Qudra is a change in scenery – from towering skyscrapers and bustling streets to solitude lakes and serene desert panoramas. This oasis is a part of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve and offers its guests a way to connect with nature. Another great reason to visit Al Qudra is that it is just30 minutes from Dubai Downtown making it an easy fit in any type of Dubai vacation.
  • The Love Lake Dubai
    One of the prominent highlights of Al Qudra is Love Lake Dubai. Set within this outdoor attraction is a beautiful twin lake carved in the shape of entwined hearts and the words ‘Love’ etched into the desert. The lakes blend beautifully with the desert settings and are a hotspot for couples to enjoy some time viewing the sunset or have nonchalant conversations.  The attraction is considered as one of the most romantic places to visit in Dubai. Capture the moments of the red fiery sun simmering down to amber –golden hues that reflect on the lakes and its surroundings. This section of Al Qudra is a great spot to take picturesque photographs as memorable memories of your trip.
  • A paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts
    The flora and fauna are limited to palms and desert plants, it does not lessen the chance of spotting wildlife and birds. Al Qudra Lakes is home to over 150 species of birds and animals. Settle down at a spot for some time and you will spot lapwings, ducks and swans swimming gracefully in the lake. Exotic birds such as flamingoes, cormorants, and kestrels also love spending time at this breath-taking oasis. Being a part of a nature reserve, you can also find Arabian wildlife roaming around like onyx and Arabian gazelles.
  • Settle down for camping under the stars
    Al Qudra is also popular as camping spots to locals and visitors alike. There are dedicated camping sites available where you can put up a tent and spend time under the Arabian night amid the solace of whispering ripples of the lakes and tranquil desert dunes.
  • Warm-up with cycling in the desert
    Al Qudra also consists of an 84-km long cycling track looped within the precinct of this attraction. Bikes can be rented and you can gear up for a mild workout while cycling on one of the longest cycling tracks in the world. It is also a unique way to feel the desert breeze on your face and enjoy sublime sunset on the desert horizon. It is also an ideal way to take in the splendors of the expansive water stretch of the Al Qudra Lake that meanders through this attraction.
  • Satiate your taste buds at Last Exit
    If you want to grab a bite while exploring Al Qudra Lakes, then head to the last Exit which has a unique concept of food outlet. You will find yourself surrounded by food trucks catering to delicious burgers, pizzas, crepes, smoothies and local delicacies and beverages. The Last Exit at Al Qudra is like a petite street food truck park that includes the famous food truck outlets – Burger Pit and Brass.

Best time to visit Al Qudra Dubai

Al Qudra stays open throughout the year. However, being an outdoor experience, the best time to visit Al Qudra is during the cooler months in Dubai. The shoulder and peak seasons of Dubai – preferably October till February are the best time to experience Al Qudra. This is a great place to be included in your Dubai winter holiday bucket list.

Al Qudra is a humble effort by Dubai for eco-tourism and sustainability. This is Dubai’s second attraction that aims to make Dubai greener and nature-wise alluring for visitors. Also, admission to this attraction is free of cost. For locals, it is an easy break from the hustling city routine. For visitors, this lake is another feather in Dubai’s long list of extraordinary attractions that they are eager to visit.