High quality and humidity control chamber are provided with the desiccator cabinets which many companies are providing. It also offers durable construction with a less price that meets the needs for cleanroom storage applications which comes in the form of desiccator& dry boxesOne of the best parts about these cabinets is that you can maintain a low level of humidity down to 0% RH which is very good to store dried samples in a dry atmosphere. Plus, you can now also protect the chemicals which are hygroscopic.

Dry boxes are also known as desiccators. So, these dry boxes are accessible in various other forms and from small to big with many chambers, and in style comprising of vacuum and non- vacuum system, silica gel i.e. desiccant, and also gases which are inert and purging. There are separate materials in which it comes like stainless steel, polycarbonate, PVC and acrylic. ESD safe material is being offered by many firms, and it protects the electrostatic-sensitive products plus amber-colored material which mainly hinders the UV light.

Now let’s look at some different types of desiccator and dry boxes –

  1. Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinets

Desiccator &dry boxes are one kind of durable and storage cabinets that are of less humidity. It is made especially for weightage capacity which is maximum and durability which is long term. The non-vacuum dry cabinet is every dry box which can be stuffed with ports that have optional inlet and outlet ports which will permit the gas to be purged from the area of storage. It can be applied with inert gas, desiccant, or CDA. Many firms are also offering automatic control purge unit which can be used easily for purging automatically and controlling humidity.

  1. Some of the Skins of the Desiccator & Dry boxes –

There is a durable 304 stainless steel enclosure that automatically balances clean, dry, static and safe conditions. There are an inlet and outlet port which allows regulation of nitrogen flow. There are 304 stainless steel door frames with non-adhesive seals that maintain positive internal pressure. It has a front window of Static-Dissipative PVC. It comprises of stainless steel racks provided at 1″ intervals. It has static control options. It has a full line of standardized sizes.


  1. Multi-Chamber Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinets

There are many firms which are offering superior non-vacuum which have many chambers and cabinets of desiccator which can be used with gases such as nitrogen, argon and also compressed dry air which purges to lower the level of oxidation and also expand the life of shelf on sensitive components which are moisture based.

These dry boxes are suitable for many operations which comprise microelectronic devices, semiconductor wafers, optical components, and biological & pharmaceutical laboratory applications. They can be modified as per conditions. Several companies offer cabinets that are built with pristine and amber acrylic which are UV along with dissipative PVC which are static and also polycarbonate which are suitable for the cleanroom. The desiccator & dry boxes nitrogen desiccator features general storage which comprises of shelves, drawers or combinations. Various kinds of models are available along with sizes.

There are many firms that also offer custom solutions size & design which are mainly based on the lab and also clean room necessities. A cabinet of desiccator which comes in the series of 1500 comes in a configuration of 10 doors in several sizes and resources.

  1. Modus Operandi of S-1500 Nitrogen Storage Cabinets work – 

Nitrogen doesn’t react with stored materials, so it can be easily isolated and also purified relatively economically. Where oxidation is not desirable there an inert gas is presented as a replacement for air which is n2 i.e. nitrogen.

There are a lot of things on which the volume of the nitrogen purged depends such as – storage cabinet volume, cabinets contained with moisture, external environment humidity which is related, and lastly, the number of the opening of desiccator cabinet. There are many companies that offer the nitrogen purge cabinets they use a removable plenum chamber which is specially designed to provide a continuous laminar flow of nitrogen over the moisture sensitive devices (MSD) maintained within the dry storage desiccator cabinet.

  1. Amendable Desiccator & Dry boxes – 

You can select acrylic or dissipative PVC cabinets, one to ten chambers, manual or automated RH control. It offers shelf placements that are adjustable. Shelves easily slide on the wire racks which makes more storage space. Among the desiccator & dry boxes also comes is the adjustable shelf storage cabinets which comprises multi-chamber desiccator cabinets which are chrome-plated racks.

Why You Must Buy Desiccators & Dry Boxes – 

Through this guide, you have come to know about different kinds of desiccators and dry boxes. Now you can choose any one as you also know very well about its features and uses.