The DevOps teams are completely revolutionizing the AI and machine learning journeys. There are 50x times more number of Machine learning developers in 2020 as compared to 2017. So, what changed in the Development industry in the last 3 years?

We can attribute the growth in DevOps to the rising demand from the various IT and services industry. The enterprise AI firms are relying on two sources of AI and Machine Learning talent — first, data science research institutions, and second, the recognized machine learning institutes.

Who Use Machine Learning?

There is no business department in the organization that is impervious to the Machine learning applications. Some of the top-ranking sectors that have utilized machine learning applications with the highest rate of adoption and ROI include:

  • Mobile and Web App development
  • Banking and Financial services automation
  • SaaS and IT Cloud Computing
  • Automated Driverless car
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Mobile Device camera and image recognition software
  • Drones and geo-tagging devices
  • Healthcare, telemedicine, and patient monitoring, and
  • 150 other high growth technology sectors, including chip manufacturing.

Social Distancing in Machine Learning E-Training

COVID-19 has forced major disruptions in our lives. Thankfully, some of the leading Big Data and Machine Learning academies are offering their e-learning platforms to eligible candidates. Now, everyone can get a recognized AI ML certification they always wanted to earn from a place and time of their comfort.

The combination of online classes, live tutoring, innumerable testing kits, examination links, and e-books ensures an in-depth understanding of concepts.

Why should you enroll yourself in an online machine learning institute?

The risk of losing a job today is real and it is only going to get tougher to get another so soon during the pandemic. It’s highly recommended to upskill in data science during the quarantine.

The leading machine learning institutes are not only providing a solid classroom infrastructure to fresh candidates looking to build their careers in the DevOps domains but also assure of these benefits:

  • Up to date course curriculum
  • Live testing and experimentation projects
  • Start-up facilities to start AI ML test kits
  • Training and internship
  • Peer review system to track progress
  • Coding and programming hacks for faster Ops
  • Hardware, software and cloud data wrangling techniques for Big Data analytics

In addition to the academic curriculum, many institutes for machine learning projects also offer job opportunities and talent hunt competitions through hackathons and ML development challenges with great price money for the winners and finalists.

Even if you are a fresher in the industry, these E-learning classrooms for AI and Machine Learning courses can be helpful. You get to start from the basics by learning important tools like Python, R, MapR, SQL, and relevant Data Science libraries.

An AI ML certification can be considered as a confirmation of your skills and that you are a professional who is able to perform the role well.