Diabetes is a chronic disease that gradually affects the human organs and eventually puts a person towards death. Every year millions of people expected and reporting having diabetes and this number is growing continuously. Men with diabetes face the serious problem of erectile dysfunction that affects their sexual performance. If we compare the number, the diabetic person has more chances of ED in contrast with non-diabetic personalities. However, ozmeds is here to offer the best solution for ED.

Diabetes does not directly affect the penis erection but the other leading clinical conditions associated with it cause ED. These conditions could be obesity, hypertension, smoking; metabolic syndrome, etc. adopting a healthy life helps the diabetic person to reduce the intake of insulin, stress, a level that ultimately results in fewer chances for erectile dysfunction.

Is treating diabetes add value to your sex life? 

In your sexual life, an erection is necessary for satisfying sexual life. The issue with diabetic men is that they are unable to keep an erection. However, most of the men face a problem with erection somewhere in their life but with a diabetic person, the case is different. Coming to the point, ED in diabetic person bring the mood down, make you feel depressed, lower self-esteem, and cause stress while you are in bed with your partner. The fear of not getting erection affects sexual performance and cause tension between the couple, so get generic Levitra 20mg now.

Handling diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle is necessary otherwise; the blood vessels will shrink and disturb the blood flow. This may also lead to heart disease.

Factors leading towards erectile dysfunction in diabetic person: 

Factors leading to erectile dysfunction due to diabetes are not simply because they include nerves, muscles, and vessels functions. Erection occurs when a proper amount of blood travels towards the penis vessels to give strength and oxygen. Whether your male hormones are in the right proportion but it does not decide erection. Therefore, blood vessels and nerves must function properly.

Here are some common health conditions developed by diabetes.

  • Diabetes damages the nervous system that causes nerve disorders. When you are sexually aroused, our body sends the message to the brain to start an erection. When you have nerve disorder, the message will disrupt and results will fail in the erection.
  • This chronic disease gives harm to veins and arteries that carry blood to the penis. For erection, proper flow of blood and stay of blood in the penis veins is essential until the ejaculation is made. The disease called Atherosclerosis makes the flow of blood difficult to enter the penis.
  • Another condition is a venous leak in which the blood cannot stay in the penis. As we mentioned earlier, for proper erection keeping enough blood in penis veins is necessary. Due to venous leak, blood is the veins that cannot stay and goes back into the body. The venous leak happens, when the muscles become weaker. New researches proved that persons with diabetes have weaker muscles that create hurdles in the erection.
  • Some other factors can cause erectile dysfunction in men are For example the low level of sex hormones called testosterone. The deficiency of testosterone sex hormones in one’s body will lead to ED.

It is time to TAKE STEP towards prevention:

Erectile dysfunction in a diabetic person is not something that happens with the blink of an eye but it occurs gradually. Here are a few prevent and control things one can take care of.

  • If you are an obese person, try to reduce your body weight.
  • Quit cigarettes smoking and alcoholic drinks.
  • Adopt the habit of clean eating.
  • Exercise daily and keep track daily.