There is an old proverb that claims, “A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind”. During the times of world unrest – with news concerning the coronavirus and its severity– businesses across all sectors ought to keep the message of this adage in mind. Though we are inevitably seeing the cancellation of business gatherings and events, along with increasing “social distancing” restrictions leaders in each business, are coming forth and thinking more about safeguarding their staff and building resilience.

Now over ever, business have a vital role to play in protecting people’s health by developing innovative solutions. In today’s competitive world, the key to success of any organization depends on customer satisfaction. However, the organizations needs to understand that the relationship between external customer and internal customer (employee) is symbiotic. The customer will only be satisfied if the employee give its cent percent efforts in his work. At Knack Global, the mantra of success which we follow is to “Take care of our employees which in turn will take care of our business”.

During these unprecedented times, health and well-being, job security and financial stability are the major concerns for employees and employers can address these in meaningful ways. At “Knack Global”, we have recently come up with an initiative to help our employees by empowering and encouraging them to rope in their families so they could succeed in the organization. We are giving this opportunity to all our employees who have completed 3 valuable years in the organization. These employees will be taking care of their family member’s training as well as production. We will just be assisting their family members by keeping a quality check in place to ensure the smooth transitioning of business. Below are some of the additional steps we are taking to ensure employee satisfaction:-

Motivating the employees which in turn helps in maintaining their productivity –

Working remotely is the new normal. Hence, motivating the workforce during these times has become an essential aspect. Since, the lockdown, we have been taking team meetings quite often so we could determine the challenges faced by our workforce, we have been conducting motivational sessions with our employees to keep the momentum intact.

Enabling Leaders for Success –

It was crucial for the leaders & managers to demonstrate good leadership skills. Without their assistance, the effective workforce management isn’t possible. Our leaders have played a major role in this aspect and our employees have truly come forward and showed solidarity towards their managers as they are effectively assisting them & addressing/resolving all their concerns.

Promoting mental and physical well-being –

We are encouraging medical and mental health benefits to help the employees get through this crisis. Everything we do is through the lens of support and care. That’s the culture of Knack Global and when the culture is right, everything falls in place.

Providing flexibility–

Now, since every organization has embraced this pandemic as a “New Normal”, they have started asking their employees to work from office. Knack Global has given leverage to its employees by asking them to work from home while maintaining their productivity.

Being an Active Listener –

Listening to employees is an important feature which every organization should consider. Our leaders/managers have actively being involved in actively communicating with the employees so they do not feel side-lined.

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As organizations address the longer term implications of COVID -19, it is essential to focus on the needs of all the members associated with the organization – from customers to shareholders to employees to ensure no one is left behind. This crisis has given an opportunity to every organization to rethink their objectives and know the importance of leading employees with empathy, flexibility and compassion. It has given leaders an opportunity to adapt a human centric approach to leadership and business.