The ICC Women’s T20 World cup is making its 10th edition appearance in 2020 and its just a matter of time before you start cheering out for your favourite team. Australia is hosting the event this year, and reports say that they are practicing very hard to defend and keep the crown that they won back in 2018 within the county, again.

Before the T20 Women’s world cup 2020 starts, here is every detail you must be knowing –

What is the Women’s T20 World cup?

It is all about a tournament organized, managed and run by the Indian Cricket Council (ICC) which is the global governing body of cricket to come up with one international champion for women’s cricket in T20 series.

It was first arranged in the year 2009 and England was the host of the event; it is a recurrent event since then. Also, for the first three years, eight countries competed against each other for the World Cup, but it has grown steadily over the years, and now the number of countries lined up for the competition is ten.

When is the T20 Women’s world cup 2020 commencing?

As officially announced, the World cup tournament will begin on 21st February this year, and the Sydney Showground is being selected as the venue. India will be facing Australia for the opening match.

The warm-up matches are tentatively scheduled to happen between the15th to 20th February. The group matches will be happening till 3rd March, and then the semi-finals will be starting from 5th March. The final game is interestingly scheduled to be played on the International Women’s day, that is on 8th March.

To encourage the team players and to break the history of the 1999’s soccer world cup final of the women, the organizers are expecting a huge and enthusiastic crowd attending the final to stand firm beside the women cricket community.

Which teams will be playing the women’s world cup this year?

As the rules set by the ICC, the teams playing the World cup will be selected by the world ranking by ICC. Seven positions out of the eight are filled by the top rankers from the edition of 2016 tournament. It includes the host team, i.e. Australia and there are two other qualifying teams.

The final list of teams competing against each other in the womens T20 world cup 2020 is –

Australia, India, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

The teams in the tournaments have been divided into two groups. The two toppers from each group will be playing the semi-finals, which will be further deciding on which teams will be playing the finals of the world cup 2020.

How can you visualize the victory of your favourite team?

Nothing beats the pleasure of watching the game while sitting on the stadium amongst thousands of other enthusiasts shouting their hearts out for their favourites. But if you can not get a ticket for yourself, you can always catch the match live on the television. The Fox cricket and Kayo will be airing the game, and if you own a free-to-air tv, you can watch the match on Channel nine.

If you are unable to find the match in any of the channels mentioned above, talk to your cable operator and subscribe to the right channel.

What are the ways you can get tickets to the world cup tournament?

You can buy the tickets for the tournament directly from the official website. The tickets for the group matches will be costing you around $20 or $40 for adults and $5 for children.

The tickets for the semi-finals are priced in between &20 to $50 for adults while the tickets for the final match is ranging from $20 to $60- for adults.

Remember, the host is Australia, and it is one great experience to enjoy a summer in Australia while enjoying the game in the stadium. Also, it is being reported that Katy Perry, the American pop star, will be appearing to perform before and after the final match which will break the crowd! it gives you the edge to book your tickets for the tournament now!