Being able to find a good pair of shoes is almost as amazing as finding a lifelong companion. When finding good shoes for ladies, one must consider so much more than their fashion choices. Finding a stylish pair of shoes that are comfortable and are kind to your feet can be like a dream come true!

Walking into a store with a huge variety of choices can be tempting, and one would need to show extreme willpower to keep them from jumping at the first pair of shoes that looks great! Looking out for a few simple aspects while hunting for the right shoes for you can save you from facing the nuances of impulse buys.

Simple Tips To Keep In Mind While Hunting For Shoes

  1. Look at your toes: Try to look at the toe and heel to see if these parts keep their shape when you place your feet in. When you squeeze them, you should see no deformations on them as you let go. The heel ideally needs to be rigid, as a soft one sags pretty quick.

To ensure your shoe holds shape when you’re walking lookout for the structural integrity of these parts.

  1. Choose size based on your larger foot: Many people often have feet of two different sizes. One foot might be slightly or noticeably larger than the other, and checking the size of that foot can help you get comfortable shoes. Try several pairs and check for a pair where both feet are equally comfortable.
  2. Stability: This is something that should be on your top priority while looking for shoes. If you’re trying on different types of heels, apply pressure on the midfoot. If the heel slides back, it is a clear indication that the pair is not a worthy investment for you.

This is because these shoes can become wobbly and constantly cause a lack of balance. This is injurious to the nerves and muscles of the feet, calves, ankles, and knees.

Flexibility: Pay close attention to the flexibility of your sole. Take the shoe in your hand and try to bend its toe with your free hand. If your sole is not flexible, it prevents the joints of the feet from moving normally.

This is the most common reason for gait disorders, rapid fatigue, and increased energy consumption while walking lost distances. Buying footwear that restricts the foot with the hope that you’ll break into them one day is a terrible idea.

This can cause problems with blood circulation to those areas and can inhibit muscle functions. Also, over a period, they lose their fancy appearance.

Use socks: To avoid buying restricting footwear, use socks on a sheet of construction paper. Outline the shapes of both your feet with a pen and cut them. Every time you visit a store, you can place these outlines inside the shoe. If they fit perfectly inside without bent edges, they probably will fit you perfectly.

Shop in the afternoon: Experts suggest that you always go hunting for the perfect pair of shoes in the afternoon. This is because, by this time of the day, the foot swells up.

If you buy a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly in the morning, they might always fit you the same by the evening. Choose a pair that feels comfortable throughout the day by shopping in the afternoon.

Check new shoes by hand: Use your hand to check the inside of the shoe. The inner surface of the shoe should ideally be soft and devoid of rogue inner seams. The insole has to be supple and easily removable.

Also, try and walk a few steps on a solid surface when you try them out. Soft carpets and mats are great for the feet but won’t give you an accurate representation. Walk off the carpet and onto a solid, bare floor to get a feel of the kind of grip provided.

High-heels: If you want to buy high-heels, the maximum height that you should consider is 9 to 9.5 centimeters.

The acceptable distance between the heel and the sole of the shoe needs to be at least 3 centimeters long. The shorter this distance is, the less stable the shoes become, and the more weight is added to your toes.

Remember that a good pair of shoes for ladies isn’t only about the fashion aspect but also about the kind of features it provides to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

Buying a bad pair of shoes can always come back to haunt you a few years down the line or even immediately when your feet are bruised and sore! Use these simple tips and save yourself the trouble, and remember to always invest in a high-quality pair rather than a cheap, yet gorgeous pair.