Contact lenses can help in correcting your vision and also give you freedom from your glasses. However, these small lenses can also be used to transform your look. You know how? By changing the colour of your iris.

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to coloured contact lenses. The choice ultimately depends on how drastically you want to transform your look. If you want to know more about contact lenses you can check contact lenses plus here. For instance, do you want to enhance your natural eye colour by adding depth and vibrancy or do you want to complete change the appearance of your iris? Did you know that there is also a variety of coloured lenses with light filtering abilities. These are mostly preferred by athletes who claim that it improves colour vision and brightens the hues. This helps them see the colour of the ball during games such as tennis. the most dramatic of them all, however, come under party lenses that can change the iris or even the whole eye.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses -

Now that you are somewhat aware of the different types and looking to buy coloured contact lenses, then use the following tips to make your purchase decision.

Only buy quality-tested lenses

Contact lenses that are used for cosmetic purposes are usually fitted by an eye care professional. However, they still require a prescription to be bought. This is the reason you need to be wary of lenses that you are able to buy without showing the prescription. They should be quality tested and shouldn’t be damaged. Even for something as coloured lenses, you would have to get your eyes measured so that you can get the optimal fit. Once you have worn the lenses, you must go for a follow up exam to ensure that you do not have any trouble using the lenses. This is important because while they may not help in vision correction, they are fully capable of causing harm if not worn the right way. Possible issues that can arise due to contact lenses is allergic reactions, irritation, protein accumulation on the lenses etc.

Follow a proper wearing schedule

According to eye doctors, the users are recommended to wear contact lenses for only a few hours a day for the first few days. Don’t think that these lenses are harmless because they are only for cosmetic purposes. You need to train your eyes to adjust to these lenses and make sure your eyes are accepting it properly. While it is normal to be teary eyed for the first few days when you put lenses, it should improve over a period of days. So if you experience itchiness and irritation, then you are advised to remove the lenses immediately. If the problem persists, then show it to the doctor.

Care and Maintain for your coloured lenses

The care and maintenance of coloured contact lenses is the same as the normal ones. Here are some tips that will help you follow the basic hygiene:

-Always rinse your hands with a mild soap before handling the lenses
-Only use approved sterile solution for cleaning and rinsing the lenses. Avoid using tap water or even bottled water as they aren’t fit for your lenses and may cause severe eye infection.
-Keep your fingernails short to avoid scratching
-Always keep your lens case clean
-Check your lenses for foreign particles or damage before inserting them in your eye
-Only use cosmetics after the lenses have been inserted
-Don’t wear them while swimming
-Only use lens-safe eyedrops as recommended by your doctor

Even if you don’t wear your lenses on a daily basis, you still need to follow a regular clean and maintenance routine. But most importantly, you must change the solution every month. Don’t forget to disinfect the lenses at least 24h before you wear them.

Cost of coloured lenses

There are many factors that influence the cost of coloured lenses, starting with where you are buying them from. You can either purchase coloured lenses from the internet with the help of a prescription or get them from an eye doctor. Cost also varies significantly depending upon how often the lens needs to be replaced.

A single colour lens is usually less expensive than the ones that come with advanced mix of shades for a vivid effect. If you only want to wear them for a short time, then invest in disposable lenses that are available for single-use. You can also choose from two-week disposables or monthly disposables, depending upon your budget.

Before you invest in coloured lenses, make sure you have discussed this with your eye doctor and read this article to fully educate yourself about wearing and maintaining them.