MMA fighting is a complicated type of fight that demands hard efforts to be put in from you. You have to learn various techniques and use several types of equipment to keep yourself protected in this fight. In this article, we will talk about shorts that you wear during MMA and other questions related to it.

What are the MMA shorts?

MMA shorts for Muay Thai

Correctly, two types of shorts get worn during MMA training and actual competition, namely the board shorts (left) and the skimpier vale tudo shorts (right). MMA board shorts reach down to the knees and have much resemblance with the swim board shorts or surf board shorts. Opposite to this, the vale tudo shorts are like thicker -and sometimes shorter- versions of compression shorts.

Vale tudo shorts are rarely worn outside of MMA training or the fight arena and can look inappropriate at the Muay Thai gym. While they fit comfortably and are ideal for martial arts training, the man-bulge due to the hip- and groin-hugging material can be distracting. The MMA board shorts are more worn at Muay Thai training and are getting much attention as MMA as a sport continues to rise in popularity. 

Can you wear Muay Thai shorts in MMA?

Can you wear Muay Thai shorts in MMA Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) , one of the famous world sports? Phuket’s Tiger Muay Thai and Singapore’s Evolve MMA are famous all around the globe and provide a variety of programs ranging from MMA training to fighting courses. Fighters from all around the world come to this platform to get trained in different forms of martial arts. It keeps them fit and also adds on to their skills. Thus you can see the importance of Muay Thai shorts in MMA as a number of champions do wear it. 

Benefits of MMA Shorts

Muay Thai shorts (available on AQF Sports, Amazon, and other online stores) are still the number one choice for training Muay Thai. Since that was the purpose of their designation. The satin short-shorts style allows for your full range of motion, but the thigh- revealing design may not cater to everyone. It can also be hard to find a pair that is a perfect fit. 

As most MMA brands are American- or European-based, their board shorts get geared towards American and European sizes. Some brands also come in actual waist measurements in inches, and this makes buying from online retailers convenient. 

Although the comparatively excessive fabric makes them look restrictive, MMA fight shorts get made with stretchable material, and there are slits up the outer side to allow a free range of motion. When you wear them, your high kicks get only limited by your flexibility.

MMA shorts are designed with sturdy fabric to meet the harsh nature of the fighting sport. Hence more durable than regular fitness shorts and surf board shorts. Besides durability, the material will usually incorporate moisture-wicking properties, keeping you fresh, and preventing sweat.

MMA compression shorts are not only functional and comfortable to wear, but they also look stylish enough to wear to the mall, the beach, or for a walk in the neighborhood. With a vast range of slick designs and striking aesthetics to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone.

 What do MMA fighters wear under their shorts?

They wear a cup for protection of their groin. It secures the fighters from errant kicks that land on or up under the crotch. Even with a cup on, it still hurts if it’s a direct, hard shot. Once you find one that is somewhat comfortable to wear, you will treat it like gold because some are not comfortable to wear at all. I still have the one that I found over 30 years ago after trying several different ones. As of today, the design and material have improved quite a bit from the old ones, which were highly uncomfortable to wear.

 Why do MMA fighters wear tight shorts?

In MMA, fighters regularly do high kicks, takedowns, grappling and groundwork. Loose shorts can be a liability. Getting pulled up, grabbed, and caught on things (like fingers and feet!). They’ll ride up and down with the extreme range of movements, thus restricting movement (such as a kick) at just the wrong moment. 

A professional ground fighter can use them to get a better grip for leverage. Remember, MMA fighters wear small gloves that protect the knuckles leaving the fingers exposed for grappling, parrying, and trapping. Fingers can get caught in loose clothing. Even one’s fingers can get caught! Also, that wrestlers, both Olympic, and collegiate have tight uniforms.

 To wrap it up!

This article gives you detailed information on Muay Thai shorts. Also, it answers all your additional questions regarding these shorts. Such as, what do people wear under these shorts, what are the benefits of wearing these shorts. And if you can wear these shorts in MMA or not?