Your vehicle shows you a lot of signs when there’s something wrong with it, and if you ignore these signs for a long time, it is more likely to breakdown and leave you embarrassed and stranded at an unexpected place. Once your vehicle breaks down, you have to be rescued by tow truck service in Sydney for which Ontime Sydney Towing has got you covered as it provides quick tow truck service in Kingsford, Northbridge, Neutral Bay, and surrounding areas.

One such sign shown by the vehicle is the emission of exhaust from its tailpipe. This exhaust can be of different colors, and each color signifies a different fault that needs to be inspected. Below we are going to break down the color code of exhaust regarding gasoline engines and not for diesel engines:

Light and slightly translucent white smoke

If you see thin white smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust, then there is nothing to worry about as they are usually just water vapors. You will witness it when you first start your car in the morning or after a few hours break, especially in colder weather. It will vanish once the engine is fully warmed up.

Blue exhaust smoke

Blue exhaust indicates that there is an oil leak, and it is burning in the combustion chamber. It is also common to have a burning smell along with the blue exhaust. Worn cylinder walls, leaked valve seals, or damaged piston rings can be the reason for an oil leak.

Black exhaust smoke

It is certainly not normal for your car to emit black exhaust, but when it does, it indicates that too much fuel is being burned. The most probable causes for this can be a blocked manifold, a clogged air filter, or a malfunctioning fuel injection system.

Thick white/gray exhaust smoke

If you notice thick white/gray smoke coming out of your vehicle’s tailpipe, it is an indication that the coolant is burning in the combustion chamber. Damaged or blown head gasket, a crack in the cylinder head or the engine block near the coolant jacket, are the possible reasons for continual thick white/gray exhaust emission.

Play it safe and get your car checked by the professionals if your exhaust is sending up smoke signals. And, if for any reason, you have suffered a breakdown around Kingsford, Northbridge, Neutral Bay, you can reach out to Ontime Sydney Towing for cheap towing service and roadside assistance.