Today, we talk about the Inner Mongolia that is an autonomous area of Northern China that was occupied by Eeduosi people from 20,000 years ago. It was also known as Inner Mongolia for the first time in the Qing Dynasty with its long history. Inner Mongolia is a state with the roughest longitudes in China with its plentiful and beautiful resources and its special location commands the richness and variety of its tourism resources. To take a look at Inner Mongolia, I would like to suggest the book a Mongolia tour package that will be beneficial for you to get knowledge about each thing.

With its folk tradition and grassland scenes as it two main tourism resources, Inner Mongolia has natural beauty like vast grasslands, forests, deserts, and lakes. You can enjoy the scenes explained in rhyme: The blue sky takes after yurt that spreads put all around. On the huge meadow, an impact of wind bows grasses down and dairy animals and sheep come into your eye.

1. Gegentala Grassland, Inner-Mongolia

Gegentala Grassland, in Mongolian, explains “a mid-year resort” or “the spot of munching summer”. Gegentala Grassland is about 145kilometers north of Hohhot. It is the biggest and novel Mongolian beautiful spot bearing the Mongolia moral highlights of China.

You will be genuinely amazed by the wonderful excellence of the characteristic view on the meadow. Under the blue sky, the grass is flourishing and connects the extent that your eyes can see. It is colorful wild blossoms and groups of white sheep-like masses of clouds make the scene wonderful. The Yurts stand up on the field, superinducing solid nearby elements.

2. Dazhao Monastery, Inner-Mongolia

Here, the Dazhao Monastery on the east side of Xilitu Zhao is the biggest and well-preserved monastery in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia country. By the way, “Grand Monastery” in Mongolian and Dazhao describe as “Wu Liang” in Chinese. It was prepared firstly in Ming Dynasty and again prepared in Qing Dynasty in the 1640 year. Dazhao Monastery is the primary Lama religious community in Hohhot. For a long time, it has been considered a strict community for peoples from all over Mongolia.