This month embarks the beginnings of Antarctic Summers. Penguins grow swiftly at this time of the year. Blue whales start migrating through the region. However, there are not many possibilities to get there directly anytime soon to see them; Antarctica still has chances for booming tourism. The places at the bottom of the world must be waiting for you to come. You just need to make up your mind and go exploring.

There are Glaciers, penguins and volcanoes waiting for you….

Ushuaia-The worlds’ southernmost City

Ushuaia is also known as the world’s southernmost city. It is in Argentina and the only getaway city for starting your trip to Antarctica. You are most likely to visit Antarctica from here only. The Tierra Del National Park Fuego and a famous art summit are located here, making it the prominent tourism spot. You can do skiing in the resorts near. The perfect gateway to Antarctica is definitely the most wonderful town.

Punta Arenas- The city of red roofs.

Punta Arenas is the capital city of southern Chilena, Antarctica Chilean and Magallanes. It was initially known as Magallanes itself. It is the largest city you’ll see on your trip to the Antarctic region. With a total population of 124K, it serves as a base camp of numerous recursions to Antarctica. The places have actual civilization yet you can surely see the subtle southern lights.

The Drake Passage-Hoces Sea

Drake passage is a water body located between Cape horn of South America, South Shetland of Antarctica and Chile. When the temperature goes beyond freezing, The ice starts melting, and cruise ships can pass through the passage. Iy will take around 48 hours to cross this passage via boat or yacht and almost 2 hours by flying. Crossing this passage can be quite adventurous. You can make KLM Reservations to visit Chile and then visit the Drake passage by available means to enjoy the adventurous exploit.

Deception Island-the cause of the violent eruption

It is a genuine caldera full of volcanoes. It is a long-term favorite place for visitors who wish to explore Antarctica. This was made 10,000 years ago because of a violent Volcanic eruptions. It is safe heaven to people who want to visit the Southern ocean. This active Volcano is indeed home to a large variety of Fauna, and there can be seen speed ashes and hot lava within the glacial waters of Antarctica.

Falkland Islands stanley

The Falkland Islands are a part of the British for almost more than 180 Years. Spread around 250 miles to the South of national park Tierra, these prove to be a must-visit attraction, especially for bird lovers. You will find numerous species of penguins and seabirds when you visit here. This is the most southern part of America where you can enjoy seeing penguins on the landmass spread 4700 sq. miles.

Antarctic Peninsula-palmer Peninsula

This great peninsula is also known as Graham Land or O’Higgins Tierra Peninsula. Reaching toward the northern part of Antarctic Circle, it is said the be the northernmost part of Antarctica. The temperature here is the warmest in the month of January, and coldest temperatures are seen in June month. You can plan your trips to the South American regions by making Copa Airlines Reservations then head to experience the beauties of the Antarctic region.