There is no denying that the beauty of a person is accentuated with a beautiful pair of eyebrows. Back in the day, thin eyebrows were considered the hottest trend. But the times have changed. And now thick, arched eyebrows are the new desirable trend. Cosmetic eyebrow feathering can give your face a definition.

Most importantly, it also depends on geographical factors. That mean

s some people from different places have naturally thicker eyebrows, while others have to depend on makeup. If you have sparse eyebrows and envy those who flaunt thick eyebrows, then you need not be disheartened. Eyebrow feathering is a great cosmetic option for you! It is a fantastic way to bid adieu to the thin and sparse eyebrow hair. Let’s delve deeper and find more about it-

What is eyebrow feathering?

It is a cosmetic procedure in which natural eyebrow hairs are tattooed onto a person’s skin. This technique is performed with such finesse that the eyebrows that you finally get are not just perfectly arched, but also look soft and neat. Micro pigments are used to etch thin hair-like marks on the skin below the epidermis. While some use hand tools for this purpose, a lot of cosmetic surgeons use digital machines. In some cases, both of these options may be used to get the desired result.

What are the benefits?

• Eyebrows created using this technique look extremely natural. One might wonder how? Well, that is because gaps between eyebrow hairs are not filled with colours just like you do when you use makeup. Instead, fine hair-like lines are drawn to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows, which make them look fuller and more natural.

• Another important benefit is that you save yourself from all the makeup expenditure. Although this is not an extremely inexpensive technique, it is much cheaper when compared to all the products a person has to buy in their lifetime, to keep their eyebrows looking pitch perfect.

• Don’t worry if your brows are not black. Since this technique uses pigments, you can find the right colour matching your natural eyebrow shade. Before you get this treatment done, you need to consult the experts

who will perform this treatment. They will determine the right shape and colour for your brows, and you can also offer your inputs. But for the best experience, one needs to choose a reputed salon.

• Since expert hands perform this technique, the strokes generally go undetected. So, you won’t have someone come up to you and say, “What have you done to your eyebrows?”

• Another important benefit is that it is not an extremely painful procedure. Since numbing creams are used on your skin before this procedure is carried out, you don’t feel any pain. However, you might feel a little pressure, which won’t bother you much.

Now, the question is – can you go for eyebrow feathering?

Well, yes! There is no such age restriction for this procedure. If you are pregnant or you breastfeed your child, it would be advisable that you put the plan off until later.

Now, you know about this amazing feature for a pair of great eyebrows, there is no reason for not giving cosmetic eyebrow feathering a try. Get going!