If you are in the process of redecorating your home, one of the best additions you should consider is the use of board and batten window shutters. Windows are a prominent part of both your home’s interior and exterior décor. By treating windows with these rustic and classic shutters, you can give your house a distinct flair. These shutters have been around for centuries, and their warm, inviting look makes them popular across all types of homes.

For your next home improvement project, batten board shutters can do wonders. This post highlights discusses these shutters in detail and offers tips on buying the best for your project.

Overview of Board & Batten Shutters

Board and batten shutters consist of one-to-three boards that are held together with a thin cross panel that cuts across horizontally or at an angle. This simple construction gives these shutters an unmistakable Old World and rustic character.

They come in different styles, including:

  1. Arch-top shutters for curved windows
  2. Standard open with a third batten
  • Standard closed
  1. Standard closed with additional batten
  2. Standard closed with “z” bar option

Due to their characteristic Old-World look, these shutters are popular with Mediterranean, Cape Cod/Ranch and French Country home styles. However, many homeowners across the country have adopted and customized these battens to suit their modern-look homes.

Finding the Best Board and Batten Shutters

The popularity of batten board shutters has seen many brands launching these products on the market. However, you should shop carefully to guarantee the success of your home improvement. Some of the factors to consider include:

  1. Evaluation Of the Home Improvement Project

It’s crucial to assess the needs of your home improvement project to determine whether these shutters fit in and the best type to buy. For instance, you need to consider the major purpose of this window treatment before shopping.

You can use the board and batten shutters for functional reasons or decorative purposes. If you need protective window covers, go for a more sturdy and durable material that can withstand the elements. For decorative shutters, you are more concerned about aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

  1. Pick the Right Material

Some of the available shutter materials include:

  • Wood

Wood has an authentic look and is the most popular material for board and batten shutters. Treated hardwood makes tough shutters and gives your home a classic, rustic look.

Wood is also versatile in styling as you can choose from different tree species to give your home a magnificent look. Popular wood types for these shutters include  Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar,  California Redwood, Rough Sawn Cedar (Common Grade) and African Mahogany.

However, wood is expensive, prone to water damage and requires costly maintenance. With time, wood shutters can warp and crack, which necessitates repairs or replacement.

  • Vinyl shutters

Vinyl is a popular alternative material to wood, and it’s more cost-friendly. Vinyl batten board shutters are durable, easy to install and low-maintenance. However, these shutters lack that authentic touch of wood and they look cheap. Vinyl shutters are also limited in styling making them a poor choice for customization.

  • Engineered Wood Boards

If you want to get that classical touch of wood for your board and batten shutters without the high cost, engineered wood boards will do the trick. These boards are made from wood chips and commercial adhesives to create the rustic look of natural hardwood.

They are eco-friendly shutter materials that are easy to install and maintain. The best of these boards come to your site prefinished and weather treated and have a long warranty. You can choose from a wide variety of styles to give your windows an awesome makeover.

  1. Proper Fitting

Poor shutter fitting is one of the most common blunders homeowners make when installing batten board shutters.  You should take the correct measurements before ordering the boards and accessories. You can use a professional to get the right measurements to avoid poor installation.

Window shutters have a huge impact on your home’s exterior décor and if they fit poorly, they become an eyesore. Batten Board Shutters should fit precisely over the windows to guarantee protection during storms and also boost the aesthetical outlook of your home.

  1. Insist on Quality

Don’t focus on the pricing when shopping for B&B shutters but instead, look for the best quality products. Ask for referrals and recommendations from homeowners and contractors to find the best shutter manufacturers.

You should also go online, read reviews and testimonials by other property owners to identify the best shutter companies. When making your order, consider ease of customization, warranty and ease of installation.

Why Install Batten Board Shutters?

Board and batten shutters blend function and beauty making them great for home improvement projects. Some of their functions include:

  1. Protection: These are solid shutters and they offer protection against extreme weather. In case of storms, strong winds or hail, your home and the occupants are protected when these shutters remain closed.
  2. Privacy: These shutters are opaque and work perfectly to improve privacy. If your home is next to public spaces, you can close the shutters to keep off prying eyes.
  3. Natural light and air control: You can improve energy efficiency in your home by opening or closing these window cover. During cold weather, closing the shutters traps heat inside and reduces the cost of heating. In hot weather, opening your shutters offers natural ventilation and cuts energy costs.
  4. Aesthetics: You can improve your home’s curb appeal by using stylish batten board shutters. They come in multiple styles, colors, materials, and this makes it easier to customize them to suit your home’s architectural style or décor.
  5. Classic look: These shutters have that authentic look and they tie everything together on your exterior décor. They feel organic and easily blend with the rest of your home.
  6. Boosting home’s value: You can boost your home’s appraisal by adding these shutters as home buyers look for such improvements.

Wrapping Up

If you want to give your home a magnificent transformation, consider installing board and batten shutters. These shutters have a rich history in American architecture and they never go out of style. Using these tips, you can now give your home a head-turning makeover using the best quality rustic B&B shutters from a leading supplier.