You are tired of the monotonous look of your motorcycle and have decided to install some exciting motocross graphics Italy. You couldn’t have been more perfect with your decision. However, for the graphics to enhance your bike’s appearance, you must keep a few things in mind. Read through the section below to know how to choose the best graphic kit for your dream machine.

Buy the Kit from a Reputable Company: Don’t forget to perform brief research on the company you are looking to buy the graphic kit from. It should have a good reputation among previous users. Also, do check their collection carefully before placing your order. If it’s one of the top names in the industry, it will be able to provide you with enough options to choose form. Additionally, the store’s collection will surely include decals and graphic kits for motorcycles belonging to all prominent brands.

Check the Material: Make sure that the graphics are printed on high-quality material. Remember, you are looking to put the decals on your motocross racing bike. So, you cannot expect the stickers to be handled with care. The stickers will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you must ensure that the material they are printed on is sturdy and hard-wearing. Most top makers print the graphics on high-quality plastics. You should ideally stay away from vinyl decals as they never last for a long time and fade easily.

Check What Items Are Included in the Kit: The graphic kit you are buying should have graphics meant for all parts of the two-wheeler. You will be the one deciding whether you will want to apply all together or add them separately. If you are purchasing from a top store, you will get graphics for the front and rear fender, swingarm, number boards, rad scoops, tank, airbox, and more.

Find Out Whether You Will Be Allowed to Personalise the Graphics: The shop you are purchasing your bike decals from must provide you with the opportunity of personalising the pieces with your logo. If you don’t find the option on their product page, get in touch with the store’s customer care department to see whether they have any such offer.

Final Words

If you are looking to install graphics for the first time, get the job done by a professional. If you decide to do the installation yourself, read through the instruction manual carefully before beginning the job.

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