Superheroes are all the fury these days, and even though the movies are big hits, people still love them in comic books. You may think that a superhero party them is just for kids but adults can have their own superhero-themed party as well. You just need to decide the dress code, decorate, prepare invitations, and arrange for foods, drinks, and games accordingly.  

One of the dreams of kids is putting on a long cape, thinking that they’re superman, fighting the daylights out of bad guys and saving the day. However, when adults are the ones who talk about doing such things, others find it weird. What is the reason to why this idea of grown-ups talking about superheroes turn heads?

As a matter of fact, we are living today when big actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, etc. do not even see themselves weird while dressing up as popular comic heroes including Deadpool or Batman. In the midst of this, therefore, it’s not even a bad idea for adults to throw a superhero-themed party. In this article, we have provided guidelines that would teach you how to do it right. If you feel extra, you may even bring your friend’s kids and hire a kid’s party entertainment company to arrange performances and give your guests a wonderful party experience. 


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When it comes to decorating an adult superhero-themed party, it can include posters, framed photocopies of comic book pages, scene setters, etc. A person can even get theme-related kits from online shopping portals that may include cutlery, napkins, plates, table covers, centrepieces, streamers, banners, party favours and balloons. 

Dress Codes 

This is actually the first and foremost thing to decide. Determine if the guests should be asked to come dressed in their own costumes or will you provide them with capes and masks at the door. The party should revolve around a whole superhero universe such as Marvel, DC, etc. instead of just one particular character. This would let variation in costumes and up the fun of the bash. 

DIY Photo Booth 

You can cut costs by doing your own photo backdrop, you can buy four different fringed door curtains and added large superhero signs. Then you can cut up the two of the curtains to make centre sections fuller. You may also put white paper behind the fringe to make the colours stand out better. 

For props, you may also make smaller superhero signs and a handful of ones you can make at home with your cameo. Also, don’t forget your dance floor by adding superhero floor decals. 

Send Invitations 

After you’re done deciding on the dress code as per the party’s theme, the invitations must be made ready and sent either via email, social networking sites, or IMs. Make sure that the invitation should be appealing and unique. It may carry special messages like “Drop-In For Some X-Men Fun”. 

Food & Drinks 

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There is no party that can be complete without food, and a superhero-themed bash is no exception. There are plenty of many acceptable food items that can be incorporated, such as hero sandwiches, finger foods in the shape of emblems, cupcakes with particular themes, etc. Regarding the cake, one get novelty option put together by any bakery selling stores in your place. Drinks can be both regular beverages or creatively prepared cocktails. 

Superhero Party Games 

After everyone is finished with their food and drinks, it would great to play games for building up the fun. The party organiser should prepare for one or multiple games depending on the number of invitees. 

We’ve put together instructions for the three games we’ve provided in this article. However, you may switch things up or customise to work for your family and friends. If you’re playing with younger kids, make the rules a bit easier. But if you’re playing with adults, you may increase the difficulty. Most of the games are inspired by the great movie Avengers. 

Captain America 

Things You Need: 

  • A basket or box- Red and blue one would be ideal. 
  • Paper plates- Preferable if they’re red, blue, and white.
  • Masking or Americana duct tape 

How to Play: 

Participants should stand behind the line that’s taped on the ground 20 feet away from the basket and try to toss paper plate “shields” to get them to land in the basket or another container. First played to land a certain number of plates in the basket before the time runs out wins. Or if the game is to be played individually, the player has to get a particular number of shields in the basket before a minute is up. 


Things You Need: 

  • Plastic spiders 
  • Sticky hands 

How to Play: 

Put a bunch of plastic spiders on the ground and give each player a sticky hand. Participants should sling their sticky hand “webs” to get a certain number of plastic numbers in the allotted time (or fastest). 


Things You Need: 

  • Iron lug nuts (8 pieces) 
  • Metal Chopstick

How to Play: 

A player will be asked to put the chopstick in their mouth and using only their mouth and using only their mouth to clasp the chopstick, stack the lug nuts on their sides on top of each other. A player must stack all eight to win. If they collapse, they must begin again. 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Superheroes Kids Party Entertainment, a Sydney-based company that offers the best kids party entertainment and a fully-tailored show with kids party entertainers and characters to choose from. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty, in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016.