India has long been known for its abundance of unmatched natural beauty. And various wildlife sanctuaries are an added attraction to add beauty to the natural diversity of India. Wildlife Tours in India promise to take nature lovers to an exotic world of animals, some of which are rare species of birds. When you tour around the various wildlife sanctuaries, you get to see the captivating beauty of nature. Also, there are several wildlife resorts in India designed to provide visitors with impeccable hospitality services to relax their wildlife tourism.


Travel agents in India: Major travel companies that specialize in providing wildlife tourism by tailor in India should refer to Compass India. This company offers customized tour packages to various parts of India. Some of the rare species of animals found here are Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Bison, White Royal Bengal Tiger and Snow Leopard. If we talk about various wildlife tourism in India, then there is a need for special mention of wildlife in Goa.


Among the famous wildlife sanctuaries in the state of Goa, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is just 52 km away from the capital of Pandaji. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Western Ghats, it is the smallest wildlife sanctuary in the state spread over an area of ​​about 80 km. This special sanctuary also houses the most beautiful botanical gardens with a zoo or a small deer park.


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is also one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in India located in Goa. The strategic location of the bird sanctuary near the Mandovi and Mapusa rivers makes it one of the best places to visit. This wildlife park in India houses mangrove palms as well as housing flying foxes, jackals, crocodiles, and turtles.


Famous wildlife tours in India:


Rajasthan is well regarded as a princely state of India offers some of the country’s best ‘Rajasthan Desert Safari’. Ranthambore National Park is well situated on the outskirts of the Thar Desert surrounded by the Vindhya and Aravalli hill ranges. This National Reserve of India has some of the best tiger reserves, which have received many international accolades over the years. Also, a wildlife tour in India remains incomplete without the famous Ranthambore National Park which is home to a wide variety of animals such as sambar, wild boar, cheetah, lazy bear, leopard, jackal and hyena.


Wildlife tours in Gujarat to offer some fascinating aspects of Indian birds and animals. The state of Gujarat is located in the western part of the country. And if you plan to walk around the wildlife parks of the state, then you need to start from Ahmedabad, followed by Dasada, Rann of Kutch, La La Bastard Sanctuary, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Gir, Velavadar, Sayla and Nalsarov Are included. Gir National Park is known to house some big cats of India. The Saurashtra peninsula is believed to have been named after about 300 Asiatic lions, 210 leopards, chinkaras and wild boar.


Wildlife tourism in India is a truly spectacular experience with such extensive places to explore. Also, there are specially designed wildlife resorts that provide world-class hospitality services. From authentic Indian cuisine to continental cuisine your plates are loaded, all wildlife resorts are designed to offer a host of 5-star facilities.