Faced with the monopoly as new cable service providers have entered the market. Do they offer the same quality of service? If we compare the prices of cable packages around India, Punjab is clearly the bottom group. Package prices have improved a lot in the past few months and the packages are more suited to the real needs of consumers, but there is still some way to go. The way we consume cable TV has changed a lot in the past few years. Contact Gurdeep Singh Fastway, a cable TV provider that adapted to the reality of their customers and give them more for their money.

Below You Can Check the Tips of Choosing and Setting up the Cable TV:

All the cable TV providers and DTH companies including Dish TV, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV has already announced the different channel packs they have on offer. Cable TV providers have pre-selected its customers’ channel packages as per their old plan and has moved them automatically to the new packages. However, if you are working with other operators, you will need to select your TV channel preferences on your cable service provider platform to avail of the new tariff. 

  1. As part of its momentous announcement, TRAI had issued strict guidelines to the broadcasters to streamline the selection and pricing options of the cable or DTH channels. The move is intended to let the consumers avail of the cable and DTH services at a minimal cost without having to waste money on paying for the channels they never use.

  2. The new regulations brought in by TRAI lets the customers pay only for those channels they want to watch. TRAI has released a Channel Selector App that will let the customer know the estimate of the subscription charges meant for the channels they have selected.

  3. Similar to how it works with other cable tv providers, the consumers can also do the channel selection in three ways. The first way is to call customer care. The second route is to make use of the cable TV provider’s number to do the channel selection. The third way is to visit Dishtv.in the website and choose the channels you want using your login credentials.

  4. Here is a step by step procedure to choosing the channels on cable tv providers by contacting Gurdeep Singh Fastway dedicated person. Call the Gurdeep Singh Fastway“Register your choice as per TRAI’s new mandate. Gurdeep Singh Fastway will prompt you to by turning on tv after the installation of the Fastway box for HD channel. You can do this either by using your Fastway Remote number and enjoy the services. Also, you can choose to give your password for parent control.

  5. Once you have logged in, the account page on the Fastway page will show up the selection page by default arrangement. In case it does not open itself, you can open it by clicking on ‘Packs & Channels’. On the ‘Packs & Channels’ page, you will see ‘Select Your Zone’ option that will cover the regional bouquet of channels Gurdeep Singh Fastway offers. This will be based on the languages of the North and South regions. 

After you have selected your zone, you will see the list and details of Dish Combo packs, Add-Ons, Channels, and Bouquets. Based on your preferences you can add them to your cart and checkout. 

In the five simple steps given above, you will have created your own unique channel favorite list based on your viewing preferences. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Gurdeep Singh Fastway revised pricing as per the new TRAI regulations.