Right from the beginning of Dussehra to the end of Diwali and Bhai Duj, celebrations do not see a lull. From ethnic clothing, delightful gifts, amazing parties, and the endless ‘house-hopping’, India truly freaks out during these few weeks. It’s all fun and smiles but decorating your house during the festive season is serious business. Especially Diwali – which is synonymous with cleaning, decorating, and doing up your house. So come Diwali season and every furniture showroom in Bangalore and home decor shop is packed. Even if you look to buy furniture online, there is so much festive traffic in these online furniture stores. Given that the festive spirit is still not over, we thought we’d give you a few tips and tricks so that your home can shine the brightest.

Flowers – the natural aesthetic

It’s tradition for garlands to welcome you home. But a less popular use of flowers and plants is for decoration all round the house. Vibrant flowers and plants change the game of your aesthetic when they’re placed on window sills and coffee tables. Even certain corners and entrances of the rooms can have beautiful pots on either end. Another ethnic hit would be putting tall indoor flower-plants on either side of your wooden diva set or long sofa.

Lights – action!

It is the festival of lights, so your house has to sparkle right? And not just diyas and fairy lights, you can really take things a notch above with wonderful floor lamps that are available in solid wood finish as well as unorthodox, quirky styles. You can also get table lamps to mix things up. An easy, time-saving option is to buy coffee table furniture online and get amazing table lamps that will complement your furniture and living room.

Fragrance is a part of the look

When your guests, or even you, enter the house, they should not only be visually delighted but also experience an uplifting fragrance. Like the old saying goes, a happy house is a fragrant house…or something like that. But some aromatic herbs are a great natural way to add that specialty to your house. You can even opt for incense sticks when you buy prayer units online. Potpourri is also a good option for your guests.

There are tones of ways and even more combinations you can adopt in creating your house’s festive look. The main thing is to carry out a style you and your family love, which beautifully and distinctly puts together your personalities. For all your furniture and interior decoration needs, you can visit Looking Good Furniture – the top furniture stores in Bangalore. You can also easily access our website and buy furniture online with assured quality, free delivery, and no installation charges.

The article was originally published at LGF Blogs.